Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 20, 2014.

Tangy TuesdaysWe all love taking selfies, no? Here’s your chance to take a selfie with your role model and post your entry for our #MyRoleModel Activtiy @ myrolemodel.blogadda.com. Here’s presenting the Tangy Tuesday Picks for the week including the good Indian blogs to read 🙂

    • Who: Alka Gurha
      What: Summer Time
      Tangy: Alka Gurha writes a post which is sure to take you down memory lane. The typical summer holidays everybody spent with all relatives and cousins at one place was so much fun. The children today are as stressed in their summer vacations as much as they are during their school days and that is indeed sad.

    • Who: Shubham Gune
      What: Dhapolshankh’s Daughter
      Tangy: Everybody says it is necessary to practice safe sex but the hypocritical society that we live in is  not so supportive even on that front. Through is write up, Shubham portrays just that!

    • Who: Anusree Burman
      What: Bruised Petals
      Tangy: Anusree writes a hard-hitting post this time! It revolves around the disturbing reality of child sexual abuse. It is a well written post and even though it is a short one, she perfectly conveys the emotions.

    • Who: Vinodini Iyer
      What: Across balconies
      Tangy: This is the cutest love story you will ever read! A story that is very well-written and which completely captures your attention. This one’s not to be missed!

    • Who: Sakshi Nanda
      What: P for pearl, for one
      Tangy: A brilliantly written post by Sakshi! You can visualize everything happening in the story as though you’re a part of it all. Sometimes you connect with people in strange ways, without even actually communicating.

    • Who: Bhavya Kaushik
      What: The Lovers
      Tangy: Bhavya writes an interesting poem about how the love you hope would last forever probably won’t!

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