Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 29, 2014.

Tangy TuesdaysHello Bloggers! We’re up with a new activity for you guys where you can tell us your story about your role model! Show your role models how important they are. Blog about them & spread the love at myrolemodel.blogadda.com. Here are the Tangy Tuesday Picks for this time consisting of amazing blogs to read. 

    • Who: Jithesh Prabhakaran
      Tangy: Jithesh writes a very humorous post about four friends, their prank and how it landed them into trouble. This one’s an awesome read!

    • Who: Saru Singhal
      What: Immortal Online
      Tangy: Saru writes a wonderful poem about bloggers! She wonderfully expresses how blogs apart from letting people express their thoughts allow the users to be immortal in the online world.

    • Who: Gayatri
      What: If only I could speak
      Tangy: Gayatri writes an entire post from the perspective of a hen. She feels it is unfair to kill animals only because they cannot raise their voices against us.

    • Who: Sabeeha P
      What: Somethings I’d like to forget
      Tangy: Sabeeha writes a post which touches your heart and reminds you of the time you were in love. The rains always remind you of your love. The feelings have been expressed very well by her in the write-up.

    • Who: Sreesha Divakaran
      What: Facade
      Tangy: Sreesha writes an excellent poem which stands so true about the lives we live today! What really matters is not said and everyone portrays to be someone they’re not, with masks never to be removed.

    • Who: Daneshwari.S.Mirji
      What: The hungry beggar
      Tangy: Danshwari writes a poem that makes you realize how lucky you are to be living the life you have! There are others who are unfortunate and cannot even afford half the things you have been blessed with. It is important to be satisfied with what you have and value it.

    • Who: Shesha Chaturvedi
      What: Selflessness – A story
      Tangy: Shesha shares a brilliant story that she has previously read. A story that tells you how important it is to be selfless in everything you do so that you become successful in the real sense of the word.

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