Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 15, 2014.

Tangy TuesdaysMany of us have been celebrating our new year over the last two days! We would like to wish all the members of the blogosphere a very Happy Baisakhi and a very Happy Vishu! We’re here with your quota of good blogs to read for the week. Presenting to you Tangy Tuesday Picks of the week written by Indian bloggers.

    • Who: Swathi Shenoy
      What: J for Jealousy!!
      Tangy: Swathi writes a very innocent post about how when her younger brother was born, she would get jealous as a child. As time passed and the kids grew up, she just couldn’t not love him. The bond shared by siblings is indeed very special.

    • Who: Anusree Burman
      What: Lost..
      Tangy: Anusree writes a post about how  a father owing to his infidelity has to give up on his child. The hurt that the father goes through has been described very well in this post.

    • Who: Red Handed
      What: Hating the word ‘Ladies’ 
      Tangy: Ladies are supposed be refined women. In her post, red handed says that she is very comfortable with being a woman and does not need ‘gentlemen’ in her life. She needs men who would treat her equally because that is what is important.

    • Who: Palak Chandna
      What: The Dilemma of an Appropriate Weakness
      Tangy: Palak writes a post that almost everybody will relate with. Each time you have an interview scheduled, you’re worried about what is the best way to put across your weaknesses when asked. This one’s a fun read!

    • Who: Alka Gurha
      What: Abki Baar, Akshay Kumar
      Tangy: Alka writes an amusing post this time! Bollywood and Politics combined to come up with a very funny post. This one’s sure to leave you laughing!

    • Who: Remya
      Tangy: Remya writes a poem that hits you hard and is meaningful to every word! As humans go on to become more animal-like with time, it is just scary to even imagine what the world is coming to.

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