Spicy Saturday Picks – April 12, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayThe nation on an average is seeing a 15 percent rise in voting as compared to the previous elections! That is a very good sign indeed. We would love to know what the blogosphere has to say about this. Now is the time to read brilliant blog posts written by Indian bloggers featured in the Spicy Saturday Picks!

    • Who: Ritika Verma
      What: Shame on us!
      Spicy: One day you treat them like demi-gods and on the other like criminals! All the cricket fans were upset about Yuvraj Singh’s not so good game recently. But that doesn’t give you the right to go and pelt stones at his residence. Being a fan is good but taking it to such atrocious levels is shameful.

    • Who: Surabhi Ghosh
      What: To vote or not to vote
      Spicy: Surabhi writes a post which talks about the elections for the Centre in India. Everywhere you go, all the kinds of media are only bombarding you with the importance of voting. She also talks about the candidates that are fighting for the elections and the confusion that she is going through regarding the same.

    • Who: Animesh Ganguly
      What: Escape Route
      Spicy: Animesh writes an amazing post about how everyone today needs to escape from the routine life that they are living. He has penned down the story beautifully!

    • Who: Sreeja Praveen
      What: E – Empathy!
      Spicy: Sreeja writes an excellent post this time! The less said about this post, the better to keep the twist under wraps. Go ahead, read this and enjoy!

    • Who: Parvathy J
      What: Keeping them Short
      Spicy: Parvathy writes four short stories around very interesting topics, each of them a treat to read!


Posts from Indian Bloggers on Child Sexual Awareness Month:

Child Sexual Abuse, an inhuman act which is rising high. The statistics if observed are very scary! This situation needs to change. People need to be more vocal about it, parents need to be more open with their children regarding this.

If you can’t stop it, the least one could do is to spread awareness, not only among children, but also among parents. You can do this with the help of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. Read what they have to share.

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