The Child Of Misfortune

“Chess first of all teaches you to be objective.” – Alexander Alekhine


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Overview of the book:

“Amar and Jonah played chess in childhood before a series of events ripped their friendship apart. Now, they’ve grown up and find themselves challenging each other again – a dangerous game of chess with extremely high stakes involving their lives and the lives of millions of people – a game that takes them on an audacious journey from the valleys of Kashmir to the corporate houses of London. Who will survive and who will win?”

The book is a geopolitical thriller that takes places across various geographies and explores the concept of terrorism financing. The Child of Misfortune ventures into unchartered territories in writing – be it the conflict in frozen Siachen or the misuse of Offshore Financial Centres. The story aims at providing groundbreaking insight into these matters through a fast-paced, action-adventure narrative.

Know the author : Soumitra Singh

Soumitra Singh is an Engineer by his first degree (NIT Jaipur) an MBA professional by his second (IIM Calcutta) and a writer by his third (Bath Spa University). He has worked in the finance industry at the Bank of New York Mellon and pursued research in Counter Terrorism Financing at a German think tank before returning to his first love: the written word

Apart from his beloved country, he has lived, worked and studied in Italy, the US, England and Germany. He loves to travel, write, and just generally create havoc wherever he goes.

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  1. I know I keep bugging you for books from London. But starting next week, I’m back in India for a while. Hope I get to review! 🙂

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