Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 8, 2014.

Tangy TuesdaysYou will see political hoardings even in the tiniest lanes now! What are your thoughts on the various advertising and marketing campaigns undertaken by the different political parties as the elections near? Do let us know. We’re here presenting to your the Tangy Tuesday Picks of the week with good blogs to read.

    • Who: Dr Gauri Kekre
      What: Resurrection
      Tangy: Gauri writes a post about how it is important to leave certain incidents & people behind in your life and move ahead if it is for the better, even though the people were ones that mattered at a particular point of time.

    • Who: Rachna Parmar
      What: Innocence Lost
      Tangy: Rachna writes a post about how the children are growing old way too fast. Before you know it, they are well versed with a lot of things that they could actually do without. Innocence today is indeed lost at a very early age!

    • Who: Swati Chauhan
      What: What makes You Beautiful
      Tangy: Swati Chauhan writes a post which reminds you to be happy and content however you are! Beauty as a concept today needs to go beyond and penetrate further than just how someone looks!

    • Who: Anita
      What: The Artistic Creation
      Tangy: Here’s a short but lovely post by Anita.  She talks about the how only the artist can foresee a piece of art even in the raw materials available!

    • Who: Ashwini C N
      What: The IT Way of Life.
      Tangy: Ashwini writes a post explaining the IT way of life. Long hours of the day spent working hard, sapping so much energy from you that both the days of the weekend all you really want to do is lie down and relax.

    • Who: Hemant Arora
      What: Father – An Unsung Hero!!
      Tangy: Hemant writes a splendid poem thanking his father for everything that he has been provided with. The poem has been penned extremely well, typically covering  how a child sees the father during different age groups. The bond a father and child share is indeed very special!

    • Who: Ekta Khetan
      What: Dare to Dream
      Tangy: Ekta writes a very meaningful poem! Sometimes, the journey becomes more beautiful and adventurous if you have the courage to tread the path less taken. In life it is important to dream big and take the necessary steps without fear to make those dreams come true!

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