Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 11, 2014.

Tangy TuesdaysHello Bloggers! Have you had a look at our #MalaysiaJao Activities? You can win an all expense paid trip to the spectacular country, Malaysia! Send in your entries and register for our Offline BlogAthon Now! Presenting the Tangy Tuesday Picks of the week written by Indian bloggers. Happy Reading 🙂

    • Who: Beloo Mehra
      What: India on My Mind
      Tangy: Beloo writes a stunning post about our nation India and the idea for our country that should ideally be followed by the numerous political parties for  and post the elections of 2014.

    • Who: Ekta Khetan
      What: The Poet’s Block
      Tangy: Ekta writes a brilliant poem this time about the poet’s block! She has expressed beautifully and so this one’s a must read!

    • Who: Janaki Nagaraj
      What: Goodness Gracious!
      Tangy: Janaki writes a pensive guest post on Rachna’s blog about how sometimes people misinterpret your good intentions and make you feel guilty for no actual fault of yours.

    • Who: Barkha Parikh
      What: Happy Women’s Day!!
      Tangy: Barkha writes a very nice poem depicting all the roles played by a woman throughout her life! There’s a certain amount of respect that the Indian woman today deserves so that she is able to lead a confident life!

    • Who: Viditi Bhargava
      What: Kill-h-er
      Tangy: Viditi writes a strong felt poem about women. No doubt the Indian woman today tolerates a lot of things with patience but when things go overboard there is nothing stronger than the mental strength of a woman!

    • Who: Revreme
      What: Lost & Found
      Tangy: Here is a very cute and meaningful poem about how when you lose hope or in a particular situation think that you are misplaced, something good happens to reassure you about the bigger, better plans for your life that have been decided by the superior one.

    • Who: Srinidhi Raghavan
      What: To new beginnings..
      Tangy: Srinidhi writes a post that absolutely touches you! When you lose someone you love, there is a void that they leave behind. To move on is the most difficult and at the same time the most important in such a case.

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