Spicy Saturday Picks – January 11, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayHello Bloggers! We have an amazing activity revolving around films, this weekend just for you! Take some time out, participate and Win! Presenting to you the Spicy Saturday Picks consisting of posts that make amazing weekend reads written by Indian bloggers!

    • Who: Deepa Ramakrishnan
      What: Veil of a Woman
      Spicy: Deepa writes an extremely interesting post that leaves you shocked but somewhere you cannot help but agree more. There is a less known side which every woman possesses that Deepa describes in her post.

    • Who: Suraj Vijay Saxena
      What: Ae kaash ke ..
      Spicy: Suraj writes his poem in Hindi on a topic that all poets love…Love!

    • Who: Afshan Shaikh
      What: The “You” and “Me” War!
      Spicy: Afshan writes an amazing poem about the people who judge others! Everything they do is conveniently acceptable while whatever the other person does, even if it is the same as them just has to be criticized.

    • Who: Sreesha Divakaran
      What: Forbidden..
      Spicy: Sreesha  writes an amazing poem about desires that a person beholds forbidden for they ideally shouldn’t be made to come true! It has been penned down beautifully. This one’s a must-read!

    • Who: Namrata M
      What: Metro Diaries : Forsaken Dreams
      Spicy: Namrata writes a post about how letting go of a dream is surprisingly very liberating. It’s best to accept that things don’t always work out how you want them to and move on.

    • Who: Alka Gurha
      What: Happy New Reader
      Spicy: Alka writes a post that talks about the latest fad in expressing oneself…writing! Everyone today wants to be a writer, express their opinions, tell the world what they have to say and win appreciation for the same!

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