Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 14, 2014.

Tangy TuesdaysHello Bloggers! Tell us how the new year is treating you! Has the feeling of the new year finally sunk in or are we still in the partying and vacation mode? What does this year have in store according to you? Blog about it all! Presenting to you, the Tangy Tuesday Picks written by Indian bloggers. Happy Reading 🙂

    • Who: Renuka Singh
      What: Voyager Likes To Come Back Home
      Tangy: We have innumerable bloggers who write about the joys of travelling. Here’s a post about the happiness one gets when they are coming back home from a trip. A small break before setting out on your next voyage is always welcome.

    • Who: Palak Chandna
      What: Five Lessons I Disagree With
      Tangy: Palak writes a very interesting post about the lessons she has learnt but doesn’t agree with. The importance of values needs to be taught but in the right way!

    • Who: Aditya Singh
      What: 10 Reasons why I think I am GAY!!
      Tangy: Aditya Singh  writes a post about something he strongly feels for! It is high time that homosexuals are treated as equals and not judged, based on the characteristics they supposedly possess.

    • Who: Purba Ray
      What: India’s Bai-lateral relationship with US – It’s complicated!
      Tangy: A hilarious post by Purba! This one is ought to leave you in splits…She talks about the current issues in an extremely humorous and satirical way.

    • Who: Srini Chandrasekharan
      What: The Secret Life Of Arvind Kejriwal: OMG. The revolution is spreading.
      Tangy: This one is a wittily written post, a page from Arvind Kejriwal’s diary, sprinkled with humour!

    • Who: Pratibha
      What: 10 Green Resolutions for the New Year
      Tangy: Pratibha writes a post about 10 green resolutions one can and should take in this new year!

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