Easy Doodle Recipes!

Hunger can make you do anything! We’re banking on that!

Easy Doodle Recipes Contest

Food is something that can liven everyone and everything up! Tasty food makes everything from a boring lecture to your everyday job enjoyable! Hunger strikes at anytime! At midnight, with everyone else asleep and few ingredients at your disposal, it just gets more difficult! All your favourite restaurants are closed and you can’t even order from www.tastykhana.com.

We have finally come to the rescue of all our loved foodies! Simple, easy-to-make recipes with ingredients that are generally available is what we’re looking for! You have to come up with an innovative, simple, quick-to-make yet flavoursome recipe and blog about it. Add on the fun quotient and doodle your recipe along with your post!

Make yours, a DOODLE Recipe!

Easy Doodle Recipe

Doodling is so much fun! You get to express whatever you wish to and the best part being, just the way you like it. Doodle recipes are basically hand-written recipes with little doodled drawings which help give out a lot of important information in a concise manner. Every doodle recipe will be an individual and fun expression of the  chef and his delicious recipe! They can be easily made on normal paper and can be scanned or photographed to be submitted. You can google ‘doodle recipes‘ to find more.

An example for a Doodle Recipe would be as given below:

Easy Doodle Recipes

The best entries will be hosted on www.tastykhana.com. Your entries will be judged for creativity, simplicity and a great combination of flavour.

You can win prizes for doing two things that you absolutely love, cooking and doodling! Can this get any better? Yes, of course it does! Read on to know…

  • 1 best entry will receive a Flipkart Voucher worth Rs.10,000!
  • 2 other innovative yet simple recipes will receive Flipkart Vouchers worth Rs.5,000 each!
  • 20 doodle recipe chefs will receive Tasty Khana Credits worth Rs.1,500 each!

There’s more!

  • The first 50 valid entries will receive BookMyShow Credits worth Rs.200 each!

The prizes seem to fill your stomach already? Forgotten all about your hunger? Now, that you have been reminded, let’s not waste anymore time,

Kindly include this code in your post:

My Doodle recipe is a part of Easy Doodle Recipe contest at BlogAdda.com in association with TastyKhana.com

Submit your doodle recipe here!

Kindly use the link above to submit your entry and not in the comments below. You can submit entries for this contest till October 23, 2013. 

Terms and Conditions


61 Replies to “Easy Doodle Recipes!”

  1. @arvind You need to submit your entry in the form provided in the post. Kindly do that to be eligible for the early bird voucher.

  2. Hi there Admin

    I didn’t get you.
    My entry has doodles and a recipe and recipe in doodles…

    Do you want the post to have ONLY ONE continuous drawing with NO typed text anywhere?

    Please make ‘entry in the form provided’ clear.

    Thanks & regards


  3. OK guys@blogadda admin

    Have added another doodle that is a complete recipe in itself. Hope that is what you are looking for.
    If not, do message again.

    Thanks & regards


  4. @ admin There is some error in the HTML code ::: It should be href=”http://www.tastykhana.com” instead of href=”http://www.tastykhaana.com” ( Single a, not double a )

  5. Hi Admin

    Can we make doodles using few sites from where we can make toons ?
    like toondoo.com
    Let me know

  6. @Admin: Is my entry valid? I did not submit it via the link above which “submit your doodle recipe here”. I have just mentioned my entry in the comments section.

    Please tell me.

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