Tangy Tuesday Picks – Oct. 8, 2013.

Tangy TuesdaysHello dear Bloggers! We’re brimming with a lot of activity at your very own Adda! We’re back with the Interviews section where you get to know more about wonderful Indian bloggers. There’s a new thriller book, Baramulla Bomber written by Clark Prasad up for review! Also, its a pleasure to inform you’ll that the blogs submitted for the BlogAdda Awards are presently being judged by our esteemed jury! We’re here with the Tangy Tuesday Picks for the week!

    • Who: R V Purusothaman
      What: Identity Crisis
      Tangy: R V Purusothaman writes brilliantly about Delhi and about the innumerable questions he has to face there owing to the fact that he is a south Indian. There’s a lot of stereotyping that people from south India have to face.

    • Who: Sarthak Ahuja
      What: Open Letter to Kapil Sharma
      Tangy: Sarthak Ahuja writes an open letter to Kapil Sharma regarding his show, Comedy Nights with Kapil which has gained a lot of popularity in an extremely short span of time. There is a lot of humour in that show but certain parts are just unbearable says Sarthak.

    • Who: Mrynaalinee
      What: You Bring Out the Puneri in Me
      Tangy: Mrynaalinee writes a brilliant post about everything in her city that she loves and what all makes it a little more her own! She talks about Pune in a way that is sure to make you fall in love with it.

    • Who: Ashish Shakya
      What: Indian Politics May Be Injurious To Sane People
      Tangy: Ashish Shakya writes superbly about the present political scenario in India. His article is brimming with satire and that is exactly what makes it a must-read!

    • WhoLatha Iyer
      What: Nothing is impossible in this world.
      Tangy: Latha writes an extremely encouraging post where she assures the people that absolutely nothing today is impossible in this world. Everything can be achieved by maintaining your self confidence coupled with hard work.

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