Spicy Saturday Picks- Aug 31, 2013

Spicy SaturdayHello Friends! It has been an eventful week with the Janmashtami celebrations throughout the country. The weekend is here, giving you more time to do what you love. Read, write and #CelebrateBlogging! We’re here with the quota of good weekend reads written by Indian bloggers, the Spicy Saturday Picks of the week!

    • Who: Barkha Parikh
      What: A Brutal Act!
      Spicy: Barkha writes a poem dedicating it to the girl who was recently raped in Mumbai. It’s a heartfelt poem and we all hope that the strong girl becomes fine and lives a normal life at the earliest.

    • Who: Ankush Bhattacharya
      What: Yet Again!
      Spicy: Ankush in his write up this week talks about the recent rape case in Mumbai. He talks about how even the existence of strict laws do not guarantee any kind of safety in the society.

    • Who: Soumya Prasad
      What: The third person
      Spicy: Soumya in her poem talks about the ‘third person’ who always enters your life and without you even coming to know, destroys it in a lot of ways. The third person is generally someone who is very envious of you but you never pay heed to it either because you are busy enjoying your life otherwise.

    • Who: Rachna Parmar
      What: Games words play!
    • Spicy: Rachna in her post writes how sometimes silence is what does wonders! In certain situation, words do play a very important role but there are other situations where that calm and peace is more required than any words.

    • Who: Mayank Modi
      What: For Whom Do You Live? Yourself or Others?
      Spicy: Mayank in his blog post talks about how more than impressing others, it is important to live your life for yourself. Be good and don’t do any harm to anyone else but on the other end don’t even forget that it is your life and you have every right to live it your way.

    • Who: Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan
      What: Know that you are not free.
      Spicy: It is important as a nation to accept its flaws and try to find a solution to them and rise above them. Dr. Roshan in his post talks about how India before and after the freedom struggle still faces the same problems only with a change in the  oppressors from the British to the corrupt politicians.

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