Tangy Tuesday Picks- Sept. 3, 2013.

Tangy TuesdaysWith the number of entries from Indian bloggers coming in, everyone is very excited about the BlogAdda Awards. If you haven’t yet nominated your blog for the awards, do so NOW! There is nothing to lose here except an amazing opportunity! Regret is something that stays forever, and we know you don’t want that, so #Celebrate Blogging with us!

    • Who: Kiran Kumar Karlapu
      What: Mom vs Me. Gay vs Straight.
      Tangy: Kiran writes an interesting and humorous post about him trying to get out of an early marriage and using being gay as an excuse in front of his mom.

    • Who: Mariellen Ward
      What: A Tale of Two Countries: India
      Tangy: Mariellen writes a post on everything amazing about India. She tells you five reasons how the country just makes you fall in love with it. From the hospitality to the spirituality, India has it all.

    • Who: Ashwini Ashokkumar
      What: When you can’t find your memories
      Tangy: Ashwini in her post talks about a girl who due to an accident has undergone memory loss. It is a tough time for her and her family to adjust to her condition. It is indeed a wonderfully written post!

    • Who: Someone is Special
      What: Life is a mix of both: Sweet and Sour!
      Tangy: In this post, the writer tries to show how life has both sides, sweet sometimes as also sometimes sour. What makes the post interesting is that he has used the Delhi Rape incident as a part of his story and made it end much differently than what actually happened.

    • Who: Ekta Khetan
      What: On Krishna Janmashtami Today
      Tangy: Ekta writes a lovely poem on the occasion of Janmashtami, clearly depicting reasons for Lord Krishna to be born on the earth again. Devotees wait for Him with different reasons and that has been nicely portrayed by Ekta through the poem.

    • Who: Remya
      What: The Rebellion
      Tangy: Remya writes a story when women were treated extremely bad. How it took one girl to stand up and fight to make everyone realise what was actually happening. The end of the post is indeed amazing!

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