Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug 6, 2013

Tangy Tuesdays It is not a very good time for us Indians, looking at the continuously reducing value of the Indian rupee in comparison to the US Dollar. Do you have anything to say on it? To lighten your mood a little, we’re here with the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. We hope you like all these posts. Happy Reading!

    • Who: Mayura Govinda Rao
      What: Watch out when you say ‘CHEERS’
      Tangy: Mayura very rightly in her write up explains the new trend of alcoholism in India. The youth today is so influenced by the Bollywood actors who in their films are shown so prone to alcohol. The youth thinks it is cool to be seen with a mug of beer and that is something which needs to change according to Mayura.

    • Who: Rachna Parmar
      What: Ouch, that hurts!
      Tangy: We all as kids and sometimes even as adults have had out painful encounters with dentists. It is one doctor’s visit that everyone dreads because of the various tools and injections. Rachna tells us about her encounter in a very humorous way.

    • Who: Ankush Bhattacharya
      What: The Pieces
      Tangy: Ankush writes a very emotional poem revolving around a heartbreak. Young love is one of the nicest experience everyone has but it can sure affect a lot if it doesn’t work out the way expected.

    • Who: Aaliya Thahseen
      What: A Whisper from the Shadows
      Tangy: Aaliya writes a poem brilliantly depicting the victory of good over evil. The way she has created the scenario and brought every word to life, makes it a must-read.

    • Who: Saru Singhal
      What: She Sells Sea Shells, Not Her
      Tangy: Saru writes a poem on a very unconventional theme. She writes about how a woman can take complete control over her life once she decides to. There is no doubt that she faced a lot of nonsense from the society for her brave decision but nevertheless she chose to stick to her decision.

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