Spicy Saturday Picks – Aug, 3. ’13

Spicy SaturdayIt is the time of the year where you celebrate the best relationship of all times, Friendship! Friends are the relatives you choose. You share everything with your close friends, happy moments as well as times when you are a little low. We as friends, have a gift to make you happy. We’re here with the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Hope you like them all. We wish our dear bloggers a very Happy Friendship Day!

    • Who: Vikram Karve
      What: The Soldier- A short story
      Spicy: An amazingly written short story about the bad treatment received by the soldiers in the Indian army. They deserve a lot of respect for the choices they have made in life but due to the ever-rising corruption in India, what they get is sheer negligence.

    • Who: Jaspreet Soni
      What: Outsourced, Really?
      Spicy: Jaspreet in her write up talks about parenting the children today. She is of the firm opinion that parents, whether working or not, will always want and deliver the best for their children no matter what.

    • Who: Sakshi Shioramwar
      What: Found You..
      Spicy: Sakshi in her poem very emotionally writes about missing the love of her life. She writes how she visualizes and senses her love in everything happening around her.

    • Who: Ruchira Shukla
      What: Faking Food !
      Spicy: Ruchira talks about her trip at Japan here she saw a very unique thing. The restaurants in Japan have their dishes exactly replicated in plastic and kept on display with the price. It becomes easier for the customer to choose as also to understand the portions of the food served. The best thing about this being, you the food is so appropriately made in plastic that you cannot actually make the difference.

    • Who: Proactive Indian
      What: IST: Indian Standard Time or Indian Stretchable Time?
      Spicy: We Indians have a very chalta hai attitude. Punctuality is not quite our cup of tea. At such a time, when we have to conduct business with other nations this is sure to create a problem for us. Also, it creates a very poor impression of us. IST is mockingly referred to as Indian Stretchable Time instead of Indian Standard Time.

    • Who: Ashwin Kumar
      What: Science and Religion interlinked
      Spicy: Very interestingly in his blog post, Ashwin talks about how science and religion are two interlinked fields. To the questions that science can’t answer, people turn to religion and vice versa.

    • Who: Roshan Radhakrishnan
      What: The Ones Who Remember Me
      Spicy: Roshan in his write up talks about how he has to be seen as mean by small children because of his profession which is that of an anaesthesiologist. He finds it amusing that parents in order to discipline their children use his name. He writes about his encounters with parents and children in a humorous way.

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