Do Right – Stories.

It is good to Be Good!

We always aim at giving our children only ‘the best’. That should hold true in case of our values as well.



Honesty. Integrity. Kindness. Respect. Compassion.

All these words are very strong and meaningful. It is time to spread and celebrate these values and show the world how to do right.
Lessons from childhood stay with us forever. Tata Capital is creating a book on everything ‘right’ for the children of India.

Write a story on one or more of the five themes above that show how you as a child or your child did the right thing and illustrated these values. Your stories will be featured on the website of Do Right Stories.

If your story is absolutely heart warming and inspiring, it might just make it to the book.

We have a range of exciting prizes to be given out for the best entries that come in.

  • The first prize – iPad mini 16 gb Wi-Fi
  • The second prize – Nokia Lumia 520
  • 20 Early Bird Vouchers from Flipkart

I am sharing my Do RIght Stories at in association with Tata Capital.

DO WRITE this time!

Start Blogging and send us your entries NOW! The last day for this activity is Aug. 18, ‘2013.

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  1. @Nandiini Nope. These stories are about ‘You’ or ‘your child’. Write a story on one or more of the five themes above that show how you as a child or your child did the right thing and illustrated these values.

  2. I remember…
    I used to like a boy. All through childhood and most of my adult life thus far. We were even best friends as children with the best memories. Even at our occasional meet-ups as we got older. Well, I have the best memories. You know that feeling when the other person remembers little to nothing special? The moment you realise you will never have a chance with them? It is called hurt. It is called you need to learn to let go. The fond memories are still there, and some things I post still will and have been about them. But I do believe I have learned, finally after all these years, to relinquish my hold on these feelings. I make new and amazing memories now, with the love of my life, who remembers just as much of them, if not more, as I. God always knows best.

  3. Can I submit my post that I have submitted for your previous ‘I Saw, I Learnt’ contest? The subject is same…
    Creating a new post from the ideas mentioned in an older post, is allowed?
    Just checking coz my entry for your previous contest suits the topic fine!

  4. …..a divorcee who had twin-abortions..when everything in her life was done with – there came a ‘flash of LIGHT’ sent perhaps by the Goddess above: WHO gave me a whole garden of Roses:-) YES!!! Ultimately I had around 500 Kids:):) at this School..who had always surrounded me with their unadulterated love and WE LOVE each other for whatever we are:-)!!!!!

    Here i’m sharing the story of one such kid who bowled all of us over with her INTEGRITY!


  5. Pure Steel

    Tip, tip, tip, say the wooden mallets as the hunched figures pound the black leather pouches with them in a dingy shop across the road.
    “What are they doing Papa?” asks my elder son , eyes wide with dismay.
    “They are making silver foils. The ones they spread upon sweets.” I answer pulling him back upon the kerb.
    “Mama, why are these goats tied there?” asks the younger one motioning towards the rotund Jamanapari animals tethered out side some shops. Consecrated beasts to be sacrificed on Baker Id.
    “They are kept as pets by some people. To be worshipped later on Id,” Says Annu trying to keep blood and gore out of her answer.
    “Awaara Hoon , Awaara Hoon.” Blows into the organ the mouth organ walla on eyeing the prospective customers.
    “ Buy them for kids. Original Chinese stuff just twenty five rupees each.” He says removing the organ from his lips.
    “An’t they cheap? Gift shop walla was asking hundred rupees for one,” Annu whispers tugging at my sweater as youngsters look on with keen eyes full of expectation.
    Stopping , I looked once again at the young man selling organs on the pavement in Chandani Chowk.
    “Real stuff sahib.”
    He says placing one on his lips again. I looked at his face. Thirty years from now will he look similar to the old man I and my brother met on the same pavement as boys? And my mind goes back once again to that small incident of childhood.
    “You said it is pure steel but it broke the very first time my brother threw it.”
    I had said thrusting forward shining but broken throwing knife. At three rupees a piece I and my younger brother had sunk a sizeable portion of our fortune in the deal. Their double wedge blades tapering into fine points and round , black , handles of plastic had made the knives look bewitching. Old man regarded the broken blade holding the knife close to his eyes. Then keeping it aside he had looked at me.
    “Bachche, in three rupees one can not get pure steel.” He had said smiling faintly.
    Feeling foolish I had looked at my brother who stood by my side fighting back tears.
    “Come here.”
    He had shouted from behind as we turned and started walking. Then picking up a new piece he had placed it in the hands of my brother.
    “You can’t get pure steel in three rupees.”
    I repeated the words aloud making Annu to give me a quizzical look. A dictum which had saved me from lots of foolishness my life. From ideas, relationships, deals and people who appeared too good to be true just like “pure steel” of three rupee knives.
    “Come on dear I will tell you about it in the car ,because no one calls you back in real life.” I say with a chuckle leaving my wife more puzzled and the young sales man scratching his head.

    My entry.

  6. Admin, has my entry been received at your end?
    My submission comment has not been moderated as yet.
    Kindly do let me know if I should post it again.

  7. Admin, just a suggestion.
    Blogadda is already awesome.

    But in blogging competitions, entries need to be hidden.
    Do something about it. 🙂
    And Blogadda will become even more awesome.

  8. I see my entry being posted 2 mins late than the deadline time. I would blame my poor internet connection for the delay. Hope Admin group of BlogAdda accept my hard work. Please speak on this.

  9. Finally succeeded in the battle to blow my own trumpet!!!
    My mind gave me the green signal to share my Entry for the Do Right Contest:

    Being Honest-
    Submitting a good 2 hours late as I had to retype my entry after it simply disappeared when it was ready to be published! Last Minute Woes!
    (Do Note- Not a case of ‘a bad works-woman blames her tools’!)

    Kindly consider. Compassion and Kindness required!

  10. Hi, I have given my consent for my story to be used in the site as requested by you, have you received it? My blog is at and I have submitted 3stories, please use whichever you have chosen. Thanks

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