Woman of Substance!

We take pride in announcing the winners of “Woman of Substance Contest”. Its time to honour those sensitive yet strong; lenient yet strict; soft spoken yet tough women.

Winners Announced for Woman of Substance

We were simply touched to read those lovely stories of how you have enriched your life and that of other’s around you.

All we would say is – “You Are Indubitably Special”.

So here we are to make that special creation of God feel more special – Just because you deserve it.

  • Deboshree Bhattacharjee
  • Karpagam
  • Ganga Bharani Vasudevan
  • Prasanna Rao
  • Rashmi Dadlani
  • Sunita Rajwade
  • Monika Bakshi
  • Pooja Kopargaonkar
  • Shaivi Sharma
  • Suranga Date
  • Malini Gowrishankar
  • Padmapriya
  • Himani
  • Mehroo Turel
  • Nandini Deka

Congtratulations Bloggers! We request you to mail us at contact@blogadda.com and we will be sending you the Flipkart voucher worth Rs 2000.

14 Replies to “Woman of Substance!”

  1. Thanks for providing a platform and am happy to know that I’ve been among the winners

  2. Blogadd,Godrej,Ponds, it would be wonderful if you could give us a link where we could read the various winning entries …..

  3. Thank you blogadda and kind sponsors for providing us with this platform. I came to know about this today morning through a friend and re-confirmed it later by visiting the link that he provided. I am really so happy to have received this honour, hadn’t expected it at all. Like Suranga mentioned it would be really nice to read all the entry articles, so hope you can provide us with a link soon. Thank you so much once again!

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