BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar 19, ’13

Tangy Tuesday Picks
Maharashtra reeling in drought and Holi is approaching. What are you going to do? How are you going to celebrate? Let us know. Also India, completed a 3 – 0 sweep yesterday. Many new stars in the making. What next? Let us read the best blog posts from the Indian Bloggers this week.

    • Who: Haimanti
      What: On Criticism
      Tangy:  “Prejudice and dogma are the traits, which I feel, can result in stagnation of your growth as a human being, emotionally as well as professionally… It is important for us to at least try and look beyond the negative aspects of others… It is important for us to remember the difference between ‘criticism’ and ‘cynicism’ “.

    • Who: Saru Singhal
      What: Who am I, Dad?
      Tangy: “The day search for the ‘prince’ ended,
      You gave me right away,
      Not thinking twice Dad,
      That I’ll miss you every day.”

    • Who: Malini
      What: The wait for love….
      Tangy: “Waiting for her to be here. Waiting for her to come home and fill my heart’s crevices with bliss… Finally. I had brought her home all by myself. Though I’m pleased… This wait makes me tense. The wait for reciprocation of love”.

    • Who: Danny Simon
      What: A Marital Affair
      Tangy: “We love each other but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t hurt each other in the process. We have. But we have also learnt to forgive each other of our wrongs.”

    • Who: Ramblinginthecity
      What: Busting myths about the poor and less educated; field notes from Gurgaon
      Tangy: “It is ironic that many of us who drive around in air conditioned cars and live in homes we own struggle to keep at bay the negativity in our lives; while those who have nothing in the bank and live a financially and socially precarious existence are willing to share their meager resources with you when you visit and are able to be positive about the future”.

    • WhoAmin Sheikh
      What: Why houses are like lovers…
      Tangy: “Time passes. It needs refurbishment, it needs work but you’re willing to do what it takes because houses are not homes until you’ve put your heart into them, put love into the walls”.

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