BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar 5, ’13

Tangy Tuesday Picks
Phew! We are back! After a short break, we are back with Tangy Tuesday Picks. 🙂 Today, we have posts that talk about, ARR, Amdavad, a beautiful short story and more. Time to prepare a hot cutting chai and start reading the wonderful posts from the Indian Bloggers.

    • Who: Venkatesan. K
      What: Desam
      Tangy: “He had forcibly left India for fear of having to submit to his father’s autocracy. He was now living an artificial life, away from everything except work. He had forced himself to take on a challenging profession, just so he wouldn’t have the time to miss home.  A life of emptiness was what followed………………………………….. Ah! That life, he sorely missed.” – Venkatesan.

    • Who: Prateek Garg
      What: Marjaani main kamli
      Tangy: “O’ Ranjhya dekh Heer teri,
      teri Heer na-paak ho gayi.” – Prateek Garg.

    • Who: Jai Arjun Singh
      What: Thoughts on Kai Po Che! as an adaptation
      Tangy: “I think most people who have seen the new film Kai Po Che! and also read the Chetan Bhagat novel The 3 Mistakes of my Life will agree that the film is a more    fully realised work, and it may be worth looking at where its strengths lie vis-a-vis the source text
      – The decision to remove the novel’s framing device was a sensible one
      – The film has dramatic impetus (which is lacking in the final passages of the novel) along with a more developed sense. ” – Jai Arjun Singh

    • Who: Veracious
      What: Standards, reactions and film criticism
      Tangy: The best thing a film critic can do is write about a film in such descriptive terms that you can take away two things from their writing: what their standards for this film were, and how that film met those standards.
      – To me, it doesn’t really matter if you “get” a film or not, what matters if whether you like it or not.
      – If a reaction is not intrigue or a desire to look into it deeper, then why force it?. – Veracious

    • Who: The Restless Quill
      What: A nose knows
      Tangy: There’s a purer smell that hair holds secret and only reveals to nameless, faceless, hiding lovers in the dark. – The Restless Quill

    • Who: Bubblegum
      What: Awesome Amdavad
      Tangy: “Jab kutte pe sassa aya, Tab Badshah ne sheher Basaya!” – Bubblegum

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