Winter Evenings ~ Stories ~

‘He has been scalded by flesh  he has felt the fire of obsession in those summer afternoons. He has seen how the shine of collarbone under pale skin, the throbbing blue vein in a wrist, the slow arching of a foot, can change everything, destroy all resolve, make it all worth it and destroy it all over again. ‘

Winter evenings

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Overview of the book:

Two men stuck in a small mountain town develop an unlikely and unspoken friendship; a punctilious bureaucrat becomes briefly reckless at the end of his career; a high- class prostitute on vacation reads The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock to a man recovering from the end of a long affair; the ghosts of Partition return in 1984 to destroy the equilibrium of a tough Sikh matriarch; an ageing widow finds freedom and peace in poetry.

In clean, understated prose Navtej Sarna’s stories takes us through the landscapes of Moscow, Geneva, Shimla, Paris, Delhi and Bombay, where everyday people find or lose their way in life quietly, almost by accident.

Marked by rare sensitivity and compassion, this collection by the acclaimed author of ‘The Exile’ and ‘We Weren’t Lovers Like That’ is a poignant ode to the human spirit.

Know the author:

Navtej Sarna studied at Delhi University and joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1980. Till recently India’s ambassador to Israel, he has earlier served as a diplomat in several capitals and as the Foreign Office spokesperson. He is the author of the novels We Werent Lovers Like That and The Exile, as well as non-fiction works The Book of Nanak, Folk Tales of Poland, and a translation of Guru Gobind Singhs Zafarnama. His short stories have been broadcast over the BBC World Service and he contributes regularly to The Times Literary Supplement, The Hindu and other magazines and journals.

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  1. Hi BlogAdda Team,

    I wish to reveiw this book. However when I clcik on the link Click here to review this book now!, it takes me to the page of ‘Accidental India’ instead of ‘Winter Evenings’. Please check and correct the bug. 🙂 Also, please send me a copy of Winter Evenings for the review.

    Jincy Varghese

  2. Hi BlogAdda Team,

    As mentioned above, I too clicked on the link which took me to “Accidental India” page. It was only after I submitted that I realized that it wasn’t “Winter Evenings” page. I hope I would get to review Winter Review instead of Accidental India.


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