The Edge Of The Machete

Today in the evening at 6pm, Gul Panag, Hussain Zaidi and Piyush Jha will be launching the book that we have at your Adda today. The book narrates the story of three men. An under cover CIA agent, an Indian journo kidnapped by the Taliban and a British white Muslim with a Kashmiri link, as they find themselves trapped in the most dangerous place in the World. Presenting to you ‘The Edge Of The Machete‘ by Abhisar Sharma. Read on…

The Edge of the Machete

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Overview of the book:

Goal: To eliminate Aamir Sherzai, the new whiz-kid in the Pakistan-wing of the Taliban.

Means: A CIA operative Ed Gomez, on a mission to get even with Aamir Sherzai, responsible for the execution of his best buddy and fellow agent, Jason.

Location: The Beast, somewhere in the Khyber, Pakistan.

To eliminate Jasons killer, Gomez has to infiltrate a conglomeration of the most ferocious terror outfits in The Beast as Sarfaraz Khan. But as the boundaries between Gomez and Sarfaraz blur, the CIA agent must not only plunge headlong into the battle in the Khyber, but also wage a war within. Simultaneously, Indian journalist Rahul Sharma, kidnapped and held hostage within The Beast, must find a way back to the woman he loves. And British white Muslim, Shaun Marsh aka Shahid Khan, sucked into the gathering at the Khyber, must learn to exorcise the ghosts of the past.

Most of all, all three must try to escape the edge of Aamir Sherzai’s machete. Will they get away unscathed? Or meet a fate similar to Jasons? Find out in this captivating thriller!

Know the author:

Abhisar Sharma is currently a Senior Anchor/Deputy Editor with Aaj Tak, a news channel of the TV Today Network. With seventeen years of broadcast journalism behind him, Abhisar considers himself a passionate observer of the Af Pak region. As a journalist, Abhisar has covered several historical events, from the aftermath of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination and the Jasmine revolution in Egypt to the Gujarat riots. His story Laal Masjid Ka Safed Sach (The True Story of the Red Mosque) won him India’s highest journalism award, the Ramnath Goenka Indian Express Award, in 2008-2009, though he has never been able to travel to Pakistan since. An avid traveller, a voracious writer and a foodie, Abhisar stays in Delhi with his wife and two children.

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