BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Oct. 6, ’12

Spicy SaturdayIt is extremely sad that the Indian Cricket team couldn’t make it to T-20 finals. But at the same time, with good sportsman spirit, we wish good luck to both the teams: Sri Lanka and West Indies for their final showdown. Our Premium Blogger Smita Beohar, has picked some of the best blog posts from the blogging community this week. Needless to say, all these posts are unique in their own ways; interesting, captivating and entertaining as well.  Read on. Let’s WOW simultaneously!  🙂

    • WhoShilpa Garg
      What: Ten on Tuesday
      Spicy: This is one post which not only echoes my sentiments but also makes me go check where I stand on her yardstick of Ten Things I Don’t Want to See/Read on Blogs”Go, read this to ‘what not to do when you are blogging post’.

    • Who: Vivek Tejuja
      WhatWhen Bookstores Shut…
      Spicy: Ever been in love with books & bookstores? I have been and that is why I can relate to this simple yet very effective post on what happens when bookstores shut shop.

    • Who: Reflections
      What: To Die without Regret
      Spicy: Nancy, has worked in palliative care and in this post she shares with us the common regrets her patients had on their death beds. A must read for people like us who put money, work, materialistic things before family & self.

    • WhoSmitha
      WhatDoing our bit
      Spicy: We all talk about wanting to save water, energy & wanting general cleanliness around us but do we do our bit for it? Read this post from Smitha where she talks about the situation in her area and how she puts in her bit.

    • WhoRevati Upadhya
      WhatWhat next?
      Spicy: She has taken the plunge. Left her safe job and decided to follow her dreams. In this post, she tell us how it feels to be finally free, how it feels to dream new dreams & to have the freedom to follow them.

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