The Green Room

Wendell Rodricks, the author of this book and one of India’s most renowned Fashion Designer shares his personal journey into this fitful yet famous and rich fashion world. The Green Room also describes the transformation of the Indian fashion industry over twenty- five years . Don’t miss the opportunity of getting acquainted with this glamours and sophisticated life. So, ready for the showdown? Here we go!

Overview of the book:

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Epicurean, travel addict, voracious reader, art appreciator, astonishingly talented designer — Wendell Rodricks is a man who wears many hats. From growing up in a ‘glorified Bombay chawl’ crowded with eccentrics, to building homes in Muscat, Istanbul and the French Riviera; from quenching childhood hunger pangs with water, to feasting on the canard au sang at La Tour D’Argent in Paris; from falling in love with the man with whom he would sign a civil union, to putting his ancestral land of Goa firmly on the global fashion map; from being a novice in the hospitality industry, to exhibiting at Pret-a-Porter Salon de Paris and IGEDO, Dusseldorf; from designing clothes for his family, to dressing style icons such as Catherine Deneuve, Meg Ryan, Lisa Ray and Freida Pinto—Wendell’s life has been an extraordinarily rich and exciting one.

‘[A] fine writer with a very distinctive, natural voice… The Green Room [is] a riveting read.’ Amitav Ghosh, on

‘A gripping and entertaining book… As someone who loves the fashion industry  and always aspired to be an insider, this is a delicious “inside” look!’ — Sonam Kapoor

Peppered with wry observations and startling insights, The Green Room is not just the story of one man but also of the evolution of the Indian fashion industry over twenty-five years. It is both a deeply personal journey and a window into the enchanting yet fickle world of the rich and the famous, the beautiful and the neurotic, the gossips and the bores. Candid, irreverent and unfailingly entertaining, this is a memoir of the man who gave India minimalism, resort wear and eco-friendly clothing long before these words became fashionable. It is a sparkling piece of writing that tells the story of a fascinating life lived with unusual courage and flair.

Also this book is a Hardcover edition. 🙂

 Know the author:

Wendell Rodricks spent his childhood in Bombay and started his working life in Muscat. He then moved to Los Angeles and Paris to study fashion design and couture. He returned to India in 1988 and quickly gained repute as a designer, working with renowned brands such as Garden Vareli, Lakme and De Beers. He established his own label in 1990 and moved base in 1993 to Colvale, Goa.

A pioneer in the world of Indian fashion, Wendell is considered one of the most influential designers in the country and has received international acclaim for his work. Wendell also writes about fashion and lectures on world costume history. His book on the history of Goan costume, Moda Goa, was published in 2012. He is passionate about art, music, literature, food, travel and Goa’s environment.

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  1. I am almost done with “The Powder Room” and would love to read “The Green Room” as well. Let’s see what Wendell Rodricks has to say about our very popular Fashion Industry.

  2. I am dying to read this book that throws insight on fashion industry. Two day’s back only I was going through an article on this book in Harper’s Bazaar

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