BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep 25, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks Dhoni and his men are all set to recreate the magic of 2007 T-20 World Cup and bring back the trophy to India. While the Indian Cricket team gears up for this challenge, you can comfortably sit on your couch and enjoy this week’s best blog posts. Stay tuned to witness something unique and entertaining! 🙂

    • Who: Archana Chari
      What: Jack and Jill – The true story.
      TangyAll nursery rhymes are still fresh in our minds. We never tend to forget these rhymes because it has been strongly imbibed in our brains when we all were kids.This post is going to shock you as Archana shows us all the ugly reality of these rhymes.

    • Who: Jaspreet Soni
      What: Step Back
      Tangy: In this post, a favourite daughter of her parents shares with us the way she had been nurtured by her mom and dad. Jaspreet never knew what it meant to take decisions and then follow them through. So today when she herself is playing mother’s role, she immediately steps back when she sees a faint streak of being her own mom popping out. Read on.

    • WhoAshitha
      What: Of Love
      TangyAn intense feeling of love and emotion, this post has it all. Do you know what it means to love and to be loved? Read this touching write up by Ashitha.

    • Who: Shamsud Ahmed
      TangyAn excellent and intense poetry; full of love, feelings, deep thoughts, affection etc. Shamsud beautifully uses phrases and words to describe ‘YOU’. It mesmerizes you with its strong emotions. Must read post.

    • Who Aparna Singh
      What20 Things To Do When You’re 20+
      Tangy: Bored of living a monotonous and stagnant life? Don’t we all wish to make our lives more exciting and happening? Aparna has come up with a super interesting list of things to be done when you are 20 plus. Yes, we are sure you all must have been wanting to bring a slight change in your lifestyle. So, here it is. Ready?

    • WhoAnouradha Bakshi
      WhatWe will take a few blows, but do not throw us out of school!
      TangyThe present condition of schools is absolutely disheartening and depressing. From lack of basic facilities like toilets and drinking water to cramming of students in classes. According to Anouradha , in this very city an innumerable amount of bright and innocent children are being denied their right to a good education, the only way they could better their morrows. Are your views any different than the writer’s? Check out here.

    • WhoAswathi
      What To Bollywood, With Love
      TangyAren’t we all DONE with Bollywood masala? Do we have any energy left to take more Sheilas and Munnis? In this post, Aswathi pleads Bollywood to redefine its priorities because just like us, even the writer is tired of watching those snazzy, bold item numbers. Read this post and see yourself empathizing with every sentiment of the writer.

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