BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Sep. 22, ’12

Spicy SaturdayGanpathi Bappa Morya! It’s been a week filled with festivity and attempts by the Opposition to give us another holiday! But, we bloggers do what we do best – blog on regardless. Today’s pick includes a couple of interesting takes on the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi. Enjoy! We have our Premium Blogger Corinne Rodrigues selecting the best blog posts for this week.

    • Who: Richa Kholkute Sonpatki
      What: Ganpati Bappa Morya!
      Spicy: Richa of The Roaming Diaries wandered onto Zephyr CyberNag’s blog to suggest that we go green this Ganesh festival. A heartfelt post, full of practical wisdom.

    • WhoSumana Khan
      What: A Mysore Wedding
      Spicy: Sumana tells us of an interesting wedding in Mysore as narrated to her by her father and uncle. Their attempts to make sure their ‘fashionable’ colleauge’s wedding goes off without a hitch makes a fun read!

    • Who: Shruti Garodia
      What: What makes him, him
      Spicy: Waiting for a kid to grow up, looking forward to a time when she can talk to him as a buddy, Shruti writes a post full of love and affection. She’s got a way with words!

    • WhoRoshini
      WhatThe Boy
      Spicy: Roshini’s is a very moving post on her husband’s personal struggle with dyslexia.

    • WhoChryselle Dias
      WhatA Page at a time
      Spicy: How does a mom who is a writer, make time for herself when she has to entertain her little son? We are sure this will resonate with a lot of mommies to young kids.

    • WhoAswathi Jerome
      WhatSometimes I Wish
      Spicy: While longing for life to be a cupboard door to Narnia, Aswathi shares some practical ways to bring magic into our day to day life.

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