BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep 18, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks
As everyone gears up to welcome the Elephant God, some curious minds are still wondering if Thursday is a Bandh or not. What do you think? No idea? Okay, let us not think too much, instead just concentrate on this week’s some tangy posts. 😛 So, here they are. Enjoy it with some modaks! 🙂

    • Who: Saru Singhal
      What: Of Religion, Humanity and Love…
      Tangy: ‘Religion’ – the most sensitive topic in our country, has been held as the major cause of wars by Saru. The writer, through her beautiful poetry, conveys that humanity must be given top most priority in our life to cherish happiness forever. Are your views on Religion any different from Saru’s? Let us find out. 

    • Who: Sudeshna Mukhopadhyay
      What: Love Thy Neighbour
      Tangy The writer tours us to Bengal’s household; its culture. Sadly, due to commercialization the whole scenario is changing because today we live a corporate life. Don’t you miss those human eyes that bothered about you or are you fine with these highly sophisticated security systems at your houses? Yeah, Sudeshma misses it too. Read on.

    • WhoCorinne Rodrigues
      What: The Unfriending Ritual
      Tangy: Facebook and Twitter- two integral parts of our lives. It is no big secret that you can easily ‘unfriend’ someone from your contact list on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s all face it, social media is a virtual world. Is it equally simple to ‘unfriend’ some one in ‘real life’? Read Corinne’s take on this topic in the post.

    • Who: Chintan Gupta
      What: In a good way though…
      Tangy: A lot of times we all go through a series of emotions. In this post, Chintan narrates a beautiful fictional story; full of feelings and emotions. Don’t  miss it, as this post will surely mesmerize you. 

    • WhoThe Rebel
      What: What’s your goal?
      Tangy:What is your goal in life’? Do you have a prompt answer for this? The same question made the writer ponder on various thoughts. In this post, the writer concentrates purely on materialistic goals and shares her ‘wishlist’ with us. Curious to know what all has been included in the list? Stay tuned.

    • Who: Anuradha Shankar
      What: The Bazaar at Amer
      Tangy: Have you been to Amer fort? If no, then you shouldn’t miss this awesome opportunity of virtually travelling there; visit those beautiful forts as Anuradha displays the ‘Bazaar’ at Amer in her post. As you view this beautiful variety of bangles, clothes and other accessories, we are sure that you will get supremely tempted to grab few at this very moment. Ready for the journey? Let us go then.

    • WhoBinu Thomas
      WhatYuvraj Singh’s comeback – emotional or overhyped?
      Tangy: T-20 World Cup is due in one day! All eyes are set on Yuvraj Singh, as he seems to be gearing up to take his strokes to the next level. Only time will decide if we will get to see old Yuvi again or not. He did prove his worth in the T-20 match against New Zealand though. As this all continues, Binu asks a very relevant question- Yuvraj Singh’s comeback- emotional or over hyped? What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that the importance given and the hyped created with his comeback is valid? Binu shares his views on Yuvi’s comeback in this post. Ready?

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