BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep 4, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks Today, we have our ‘Premium Blogger‘, Shivya Nath picks up the best 7 blog posts that she thought was worthy of being a Tangy Tuesday Pick. This is what she has to say, ‘This week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks are a mix of light- hearted rants and seemingly taboo topics plaguing the Indian society. Grab coffee and a sandwich, and read these bloggers as their words entangle you into a web of thoughts.’

    • Who: Amit
      What: We like our virgins.
      Tangy: The writer sarcastically delves into the matriarchal Indian society and its long-standing prejudices, with close reference to the Bollywood industry and how it upholds and continues to play on these prejudices.

    • Who: Makepeace
      What: Confessions of a social media strategist/executive.
      Tangy: A light- hearted rant on being a digital marketer. The author paints the life of a social media veteran, and the awesome and not-so-awesome aspects of making a living off Facebook & Twitter.

    • Who: Pari
      What: The relativity of cousinism
      Tangy: In a sarcastic take on extended family, the author uses theories of sociology to deconstruct the myth of cousinism, a self-coined term referring to the reliance on surnames and extended bloodlines to define who one should bond with.

    • Who: Rakhee
      What: Decoding the Indian Man Part 2: Infidelity and Apologies
      Tangy: The author shares an unfortunate story of her encounter with an Indian man in Bombay, touching on topics considered taboo and often buried under the sheets. Her words seek to empower women on standing up for what is morally acceptable.

    • Who: Neelima
      What: Why I have never traveled out of India!
      Tangy: In a refreshing take on travel, the author talks about why she is not obsessed with the notion of travelling out of India, and inspires her readers to satiate their wanderlust in their own backyard.

    • Who: Arvind
      What: Adventures with untruth.
      Tangy: A fast-paced post on how nothing is a taboo anymore. The author sketches a picture of different lives and how they have evolved from their traditional roles and adapted to a more liberal world, for better or for worse.

    • Who: Vidyut
      What: Absolute free speech is a myth – get over it already
      Tangy: The author delves into the boundaries of freedom of speech, in a democracy like India which prides itself in it, and busts the myth of absolute free speech with illustrations from real life.

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