BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Aug. 18, ’12

Spicy SaturdayToday we have our Premium Blogger, Arvind Passey picking up the best blog posts for this week. Arvind the post is all yours. 🙂 For a writer, a friend is one who either reads what he writes or writes what the writer wants to read. To read, or not to read – is not a decision that takes a lifetime… you click to reach a page and your mind takes over. The blogs that I list below are the ones where the mind decided to stop a while and read. They’re all different. Well, my mind too is in a different mood at different times.

    • Who: Rickie Khosla
      What: Happy Birthday, Kiddo!
      Spicy: Humour, satire, and news all rolled in one! This blogger is really irrepressible ! He makes you cringe. He makes you smile. He makes you laugh. He makes toy think. This post is a really unique take on the status of our politicians after 65 years of Independence. And he mentions 65 years in his own inimitable way: ‘They say that 65 years is relatively young when one talks of nations. I would like to believe that because the country is still learning how to walk upright on its own feet.’ See what I mean?

    • Who: Rockpire Monk (Rishabh Malik)
      What:The Common Sense…
      Spicy: Rishabh blogs in a different way altogether. He has his iconoclastic views that I love. He does a lot of Blackberry blogging. That is, sit down somewhere in the market, observe, write and upload. I love this sort of undoctored writing. This post is one such upload written while he was in the South Ex Market in Delhi. You’ll love his unfettered expressions.

    • Who: Priyanka Dey
      What:World Population Day: The Indian Aam Junta
      Spicy: There is poetry, reviews, opinions, and an intelligent-college-student perspective that is evident in her writing. This post is on the menace of population and she writes: ‘I am not taking sides; I am in no position to do so. But all that I am insisting upon is that the problem is not that we have a large population. The problem is that we are not utilising the system to empower them. And in order to raise our economy to that of the first worlds we would HAVE to help the downtrodden to escalate upwards.’

    • Who: Saru Singhal
      What:Death of a Nation
      Spicy: This is a poem on the Assam molestation case. The poem has stirring metaphors like ‘cacophony of hungry hands’, ‘callous thirst’, and ‘charred men’ and reflects the mood of a nation less than two weeks before it celebrated its 65th Independence Day. Saru’s blog has posts that make you don your own thinking cap and compel you to sit down and write better!

    • Who: Gyandutt Pandey
      What: शिवकुटी का मेला
      Spicy: Gyandutt Pandey writes in Hindi, writes fluently and has a knack to get right into the heart of the subject. This post is titled ‘Shivkuti Ka Mela‘ and is a straightforward description of a fair. The pictures depict all local flavours and colours and Gyandutt gives blogging a simple rustic charm that spells honesty.

    • Who: Amit Agarwal
      What: How to Block Useless Websites from your Google Search Results
      Spicy: Amit is an IITian who has a way with tech writing. Not at all like the conventional tech bloggers of India who are an insipid lot. This guy writes a column for The Wall Street Journal too! This post is a ‘how-to’ post on blocking useless sites from your google search and I’m sure you never thought this could be done! That’s why I love this guy!

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