BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug 7, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks‘Mars landing similar to winning Olympics gold’. Some call it the ‘Miracle of Engineering’ while some feel it is “point of national pride”. What do you think? There are also amazing bloggers from our community who have written some wonderful posts this week. Why don’t we read them as well? Presenting to you this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.

    • Who: Vishesh
      What: At a Cafe
      Tangy: Vishesh in this post, mysteriously unfolds a tale about a man who is sitting in a cafe; by using excellent phrases and eye catching liners. Read this amazing story and assimilate the lovely descriptions by the author.

    • Who: Meeta Sengupta
      What: Educated by Society
      Tangy: According to Meeta, ‘education’ is something that society has been giving us. We tend to learn more things from the outside world than what we study in school. School does teach us ideas, values etc but society is one that imbibes in our mind how to judge a particular situation or to discipline ourselves. Read this post to percieve the societal teachings to us.

    • Who: Anuj Wankhede
      What: It is one of India’s best kept secrets-A Nightmare Called Jaduguda #Mustread
      Tangy: An excellent post by Anuj wherein the writer feels that it is important to share the traumatic occurrences in Jadugada- a place in Jharkand that has the largest uranium mines. But, the same blessing has turned into a painful curse since uranium has poisoned many generations in this place and will continue to haunt all future generations too. Read this post to know the sad legacy in Jadugada.

    • Who: Churumuri
      What: TV reporter on what happened in Mangalore
      Tangy: Churumuri shares a report by the TV journalist Naveen Soorinje, who recorded the shocking incident where a bunch of boys and girls were beaten, molested, abused and stripped naked ‘live’, that took place in Mangalore. Read this post to know the brutal reality of this case and the confessions by the journalist.

    • Who: MInal
      What: Mary, Saina, Krishna, You and I…
      Tangy: In order to succeed in life, very few women in our society are supported by their fathers, husbands, father-in-laws etc. just as Mary, Saina and Krishna. Picking examples from the on-going Olympics, the writer is awaiting for a change in our country towards women. Each woman has sacrificed something or the other, willingly or unwilling for ‘a man’ in her life. Read this post if you believe that a lot can be achieved by men and women ‘together’.

    • Who: Sowmya Swaminathan
      WhatCelebrating the Potter phenomenon
      Tangy: This is a small poetry by Sowmya; dedicated to Harry Potter- for making this world look so magical , J.K. Rowling- for giving an adventurous childhood to everyone and the entire fandom- for the enormous ‘Harry Potter Love’. It’s a beautifully written journey of Harry Potter and the author has mentioned the significance of each part very intelligently. So, all you Potter lovers there, this is a MUST read post for you.

    • Who: Jessy John
      What: Into the Void
      Tangy: In this post, the writer narrates a disheartening story of a man  who has lost everything in his life today. He is all alone and every single existing thing around him makes him sad, disillusioned and aloof from the entire world. But, he still has hopes. He believes that it’s a new start; a new beginning. Read this heart touching tale by Jessy.

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