BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul 31, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksLast weekend it was the workshop, this weekend it is the walk with Rashmi Bansal. Indian Bloggers are going to have a lot of activities on their plate in the coming days. Another special post coming up in a short while. So why don’t we read the ‘Tangy Tuesday Picks’ quickly and then wait for that surprise post? What say?

    • Who: Harikrishna
      What: Happy Birthday sister.
      Tangy: It’s his sister’s 17th birthday and Harikrishna is making this day special for her by sharing with us the adorable time he has had with her. For all these years, his sister has been his strength, always stood by him during ups and downs of life. Read this lovely post to cherish the infinite joy of loving your siblings.

    • Who: Purvesh Gada
      What: Mirza Ghalib: Same Story, Different Eras
      Tangy: In this blog, the writer  explains to us the difference and the similarity between the style of songs in 1954 Mirza Ghalib movie songs and 1988 Mirza Ghalib TV series songs.  Read this intriguing blog by Purvesh to get an over-all insight about these songs.

    • Who: Suravi
      What: Bong Woes
      Tangy: This is a funny poem by Suravi in which she highlights those ‘special’ characteristics that all Bongs have in them. Read this hilarious post to know about the various traits that a Bengali possesses.

    • Who: Ankita Garg
      What: #MarryHim – A Girl’s Perspective
      Tangy: Every girl has an image prepared in her head about her future partner. Read this interesting  post by Ankita wherein she has given a list of qualities that a guy must possess in order to marry you.

    • Who: Anisha
      What: 7 Reasons Why You Hate To Cook
      Tangy: Anisha has jotted down 7 reasons why some people do not enjoying cooking. If you are curious to know the actual reason behind your disinterest towards using flavours, read this post and try to correct it.

    • Who: Nirvana
      What: Why this Guwahati – di?
      Tangy: You expect a girl to be ‘homely, well-mannered and should be a good cook also’. Why? This post talks about gender discrimination that exists in our society. The writer explains how the ‘general’ biases that distinguishes a daughter from a son has a long term effect on both of them. Read this post by Nirvana where she believes that its high time we get over such inequalities and start treating the daughters and women in general with respect.

    • Who: Pawan
      What: Empty
      Tangy: The writer has very beautifully quoted the feeling of emptiness one feels when someone very close departs from our life. The memories still fresh in his head, read this post by Pawan to know how it feels when the whole world looks so filled but still empty.

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