BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul 3, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks‘The presidential race turns ugly, BJP tries to trip Pranab’. This is what we read this morning. Interestingly we did an analysis on ‘The great Indian Presidential Election drama‘ this morning. Read it and then read the best blog posts from the Indian Bloggers as a part of our Tangy Tuesday picks.

    • Who: Hyper.bola
      What: Fanning the Flames of Fanaticism?
      Tangy: ‘There is something very fascinating about being a fanboy. A fanboy, in twitterati circles, is not a complimentary term is how Hyper.Bola starts this wonderful post. Extremely well written with perfect clarity. Do not miss reading.

    • Who: Saru Singhal
      What: Wailing Woes
      Tangy: Saru Singhal has composed this emotion filled poem which narrates the sufferings of women who lost their families in Kashmir Valley. A sure read.

    • Who: Govind
      What: Cloth(e)less in Manila
      Tangy: Govind is here sharing his adventure that he had in one of his recent trips. Expect the unexpected is what we say. Thank you Shail for tipping us this post.

    • Who: Srini
      WhatLead Kindly Lead
      TangyI am at best a 4-point footnote in a fat volume on the history of world journalism, falling short of all the popular measures of success and visibility. An awesome post by Srini which is heartfelt and will touch you in all ways. A post you should not miss reading.

    • Who: Rakesh Vanamali
      WhatMy Immortal Chennai
      TangyTo some, Chennai is expressive of true warmth draped in ‘absolute’ conservativeness. What is that is so good about Chennai? Rakesh is back from a blogging hiatus to write this post. Chennaites, what say?

    • Who: ~nm
      WhatWhat is the world coming to?
      Tangy:  There are some incidents that make people think and feel ashamed about their actions. Here is one such incident. Read.

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