Wings of Silence

One was born with the Midas Touch. The other was born deaf. One loved life. The other yearned for death. Two brothers. Two lives. One Chance. This is what ‘Wings of Silence‘, our latest book by Shriram Iyer, as a part of #bookreviews program is all about. A Spellbinding story  revolving around the Sethi brothers becomes a must read.

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Overview of the Book

Saurav Sethi, teenage prodigy and future tennis star in the making, watches his elder brother Raj fight a losing battle in life. But father Akshay Sethi turns a blind eye, letting his elder son spiral into the depths of depression.

Saurav challenges destiny and prepares to give Raj a life he deserves, but will his lifechanging decision see Raj’s seemingly impossible dream of running the marathon in the 1980 Olympics come to life? Or will it completely devastate the family to a point of no return? Set against a turbulent time during the cold war between the US and the USSR, the Sethi brothers embark on a rollercoaster ride that will push their courage and grit beyond all known limits.

Know the Author

Bangalore born, Shriram Iyer a management professional based in Melbourne, Australia, has authored several short stories, theater scripts and screenplays for short films. Silver medalist under the Shankars International Award in 1996 given by the President of India, Shriram is also a professional singer who has to his credit an Indian pop album, Is Dhundh Mein, (released in 2007 by wellknown singer Shankar Mahadevan) as well as over 400 concerts in India, Australia, New Zealand and USA. Wings of Silence is his debut novel.

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  1. It’s a very nice story completing all the requirements of a good book.The internal brotherly love is shown very nicely in the book

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