BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jun 26, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksEarlier this morning we asked ‘Has Tarun Sehrawat’s death already been forgotten?‘. What do you think? Read the post and take part in our conversations. There are many inspiring posts doing the rounds every week and this week is no exception. Presenting to you the best from the Indian Bloggers this week. Buckle up.

    • Who: Sindhuja
      What: Mr. and Mrs. Koovagam
      Tangy: ‘Every spring, the transgender community in India descends into a small village called Koovagam in TamilNadu to celebrate recognition, liberation and desire’, reports Sindhuja. We have a photo essay upfront. 🙂

    • Who: Anu Shankar
      What: Mahakuta
      Tangy: Have you heard or been to ‘The temples of Mahakuta’? As per records, they date back to the 6th and 7th centuries – when the Chalukyan kings ruled Badami. Anu Shankar pays a visit and makes a pictorial tour exclusively for us. Hop on.

    • Who:Rahul Baiyan
      WhatWhy Nokia’s platform is still burning…
      Tangy: Which was your first mobile phone? 90 % of the people would say Nokia. Fast forward to the current time? How many of you own a Nokia? Less than 10 %. What created this shift? Rahul Baiyan has this very well researched posts peppered with his thoughts. Must read.

    • Who: Vanessa Rowe
      WhatCost of Dating
      Tangy: Cost of dating? How and why should you calculate the cost? 🙂 Vanessa has the answers in this post. Read and let us know what you think.

    • Who: Asha Shresar
      WhatConnecting to my roots
      Tangy: Today, most of us are geographically scattered from our roots. This disintegrated the joint family system in the past and gave rise to nuclear family, says Asha in this post. A post that will make you think about your roots and its importance in the current times. Do read.

    • Who: Shocky
      WhatFirst Rule of Your Goals : You don’t talk about your goals
      Tangy:  Do you think there can be rules when you think of goals? If so, Will your first rule be – to not talk about your goals? Shocky has his own set of rules. Find it out via this post. Read and share.

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