BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jun 12, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksThere’s nothing to giggle or be shy about; there’s no shame in it. It’s important for us to learn about these things. Be totally bindaas (carefree) and ask me questions. New York Times had this brilliant piece on Aparna Bhola, Mumbai’s Teenage Sex Educator. People like her are an inspiration. Read this piece and then read some amazing blog posts from the Indian Bloggers this Tuesday.

    • Who: Deepa
      What: Rainbow Sherbet
      Tangy: I love the sound of the flavour…haven’t had it yet…I think it would be yummy – says Deepa. What a wonderful line to start with for an even beautiful post ahead! Watch out for Deepa’s amazing talent in this post.

    • Who: Pagal Patrakar
      What: Why journalists hate trolls
      Tangy: The first step towards being creative is to become a troll. Don’t believe it? Then you gotto read Pagal Patrakar’s post to know what we are talking about. Read more about Trolls and Twitter in this post.

    • Who: Krish Ashok
      What: An Expectant Father
      Tangy: Krish Ashok is at his best ‘humorous-father’ mode, if we can call it so. Read Krish’s post on describing his thought process during the 9 months of just twiddling ones thumbs. 😛 A really nice read. Have a look!

    • Who:Tarun
      WhatWhat they don’t teach you at IIM
      Tangy: Tarun has completed a decade of working after MBA. Here he tells us things, that IIM doesn’t teach you. 9 great points listed! Go ahead and grasp these learnings! 🙂

    • Who: Christine Pemberton
      WhatProtocol violations and dream houses
      Tangy: Christine informs us about a protocol, which is conveniently violated by Priyanka Gandhi. Misuse of privileges is often witnessed by us in India. Read this post, to know what is being misused this time.

    • Who: Giribala Joshi
      WhatStop Discrimination!
      Tangy: Giribala stands up for all the lazy people in the world. They are the ones who do nothing, and hence, contribute in reducing pollution. They do not use cars and they don’t even use much resources. So here’s to another great solution to make the world a better place to live in! Go lazy!

    • Who: Subhorup
      WhatDo You Need More Time?
      Tangy:  Subhorup has an excellent post up here! He guides you with some time saving techniques, which most of us need here. The biggest one, ‘learn to say no’, that often is neglected by us. These tips might just help you do things, which otherwise you find difficult to do, due to lack of time.

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