BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 29, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksSuddenly people are talking about replacing Dhoni with Gautam Gambhir. A win in an local tournament is enough to upstage the person who has won you two world cups and is India’s best captain till date? All media games we say. Stay away from them and read the best from the Indian Bloggers instead. Here are this week’s best blog picks.

    • Who: JJ
      What: Red Dragon – Part 1
      Tangy: Ever heard of friendship between two foes? Heck, even Tom and Jerry don’t gel with each other. Then what could be the reason for a wizard to do friendship with a dragon? What is his aim? Read more about this alliance in JJ’s post.

    • Who: Tanmay
      WhatLessons of Life
      Tangy: This post is so insightful. The lessons that Tanmay lists here are worth a read. Take a cue from these learnings and try to incorporate these little things in your life. Also share your lessons of life with him. 🙂 Thank you Sangita (@sangitasri) for the tip.

    • Who: Nirwa Mehta
      Tangy: Technology is the new cupid! 🙂 While some people are meeting online and falling in love, here are two people who meet physically because of tech products. What happens next? Find out here.

    • Who: Manuscrypts
      TangyThey are guided by society’s norms, norms which have a benchmark of ‘success’ that rarely accommodates the individuality perspective. A post by Manuscrypts on change in times, college students, their psychology and much more. Have a read!

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