BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 2, ’12

Spicy Saturday‘Ruchika’s family gives up battle against ex cop Rathore’. This headline is saddening to read. This is another case where no one knows what the truth is. There are many such cases pending and forgotten by the public. We can only hope and pray that justice is done to them. Let us now read the best blog posts from the Indian Bloggers.

    • Who: Apsara Iyengar
      WhatSatyamev Jayate – A Story Of A Patient From Baroda Hospital
      Spicy: Satyamev Jayate is surely helping the blogosphere too. After all, how could we have come across this post, which initially the blogger didn’t publish, thinking that nobody would be interested to read. He shares an incident with us, of irresponsible measures adopted by the Government Hospital of Baroda. This post is concluded by a learning too – don’t be *starry* eyed and believe everything. Ask questions, and be very alert. Read more in Apsara’s post.

    • Who: Prithwis Mukerjee
      WhatExclusive Entrance Examinations – Why is Presidency imitating the IITs ?
      SpicyWithout the JEE, the IITs are no different from the NITs and other government funded colleges in the country. Pritwis talks about ‘Brand IITs’, what is taught/not taught there, and much more in this post. Read more to know if you agree with his views.

    • Who: Ashwini
      What10 Special Songs of Bollywood
      Spicy:  What an amazing compilation of songs! These songs hold cinematic importance. There is something peculiar about each song. For eg., we got to know that when Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle were ruling the industry, a Pakistani singer named Salmaa Aagha won a Filmfare Award for the song Dil ke Armaan Aasuon Mein Beh Gaye in 1983. More such facts are compiled here by Ashwini.

    • Who: Shruti Garodia
      WhatPlaying second fiddle
      Spicy: Here’s the story of a girl who was always looked down upon by people around her. She completes the first leg of her journey, thinking that everything will be fine. Little did she know, the second leg is still waiting to be played. Or rather, ‘still waiting to play’.

    • Who: Naina Sethi
      What: Objective & Symbolic Violence in India
      SpicyOn this blog in particular, my aim is to write about the class issue that is upheld so disgustingly in every part of the country. A brilliantly written post by Naina, where she talks about the issues related to different castes, class, levels, etc. A valid point that she mentions is, we want to be proud Indians, not for winning an already fixed cricket match, but for living a harmonic life in a secular country.

    • Who: KK
      What: Abode of Love – Concluding Part!!!
      Spicy: Wonderful imagination! This post has weaved a really nice story which grips you till the end of it. Do read it.

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