BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – May. 19, ’12

Spicy SaturdaySo the gaali’s have now reached the stadium too! Did you read this week’s Tangy pick on gaali’s? What was the cause? Was it necessary? Drag down all those news, and relish the writing that the blogosphere has to offer. Do leave your lovely comments.

    • Who: Saad Ahmed
      WhatTurning Tomato
      Spicy: Haha! What a nice read this is! Are you also a tomato turner? If you are one who gets easily embarrassed, when a ‘cozy’ scene occurs on the screen, to ask for extra sauce from the sandwich wala, and similar such life challenging situations, then this post has some tips for you. Rest of the clan should read this for friends who are Tomato Turners. 🙂

    • Who: Priyanka Amrith
      WhatThe Insignificant Blogpost
      Spicy: What is insignificant to Priyanka, has proved significant to us! 🙂 Sometimes even the smallest of things can make us smile. It doesn’t take too much effort, that is what this post made us realise. Pzes remembers random memories from her life, and has accounted here. It’s your chance to remember those random memories. 🙂 Go ahead.

    • Who: Shubham
      WhatIn Conversation with: A married guy!
      Spicy: Q. What makes marriage a disaster? Ans. A Wife! 😛 This is a really hilarious conversation with a married guy (rather martyred guy?). Do read this one and share with your goat friends. 😉

    • Who: Vikram Pyati
      WhatHappiness, US, et al
      Spicy: What is your idea of happiness? Does it differ according to the location you are at? Vikram has a post on analysing why people prefer US more, and do materialistic things constitute long term happiness. Do read.

    • Who: Ashwini
      What: Taste of the World
      Spicy: How many of you like Coca Cola? Many of us probably. Do you know the history of coca-cola? Did you ever think their was a museum of Coca Cola? Head over to know these facts.

    • Who: Leonardo
      What: Let’s Move On And Throw Him Away
      Spicy: Rachit is tearing off a name from his blog. Who is it? A follower, a contributor, or anyone else? We won’t reveal the name here. Find out yourself. Do read.

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