BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 08, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksThe very first episode of Satyamev Jayate touched upon the social issue of female foeticide. It is an issue that we all are very well aware about. Many sting operations were conducted that discovered doctors who carried out this illegal act. It was on TV years ago, discussed and debated to death (till date). So will this show bring about a change in the reforms? Will it be able to create an awakening that most of us are waiting for? Or will this show be stuck in the talks of people, arguing over the amount Aamir Khan charged? Hope is something we are sticking to. And we hope this will not be just another show. For now, read what the bloggers have to say on this development.

    • Who: Hoezaay
      What: 10 Points for Aamir – #SatyamevJayate
      Tangy: If it takes an Aamir Khan to wake up the rest of this country, so be it. A really nice post written by Hoezaay on listing the 10 points about Aamir’s new show – Satyamev Jayate. He criticizes, he appreciates, he suggests, and he puts forth his point of view here. +10 to you too Sir! 🙂 Do read his post.

    • Who: Harshad Sharma
      What: Silence
      Tangy: This poem reminded us of Agneepath, where the death of the father was the force behind the protagonist in a world that once upon a time, had the presence of dad. A nice read.

    • Who: Umashankar
      What: Truth Alone Triumphs
      Tangy: There was an ordinary man, who got married and was leading a happy life. Months later, he was blessed with twin girls. His happiness grew. Many people poked their nose and asked them to try again for a male child. He refused. Refused to be a part of the trade. Today he is happy again. Why? You need to surely read this post. Recommended!

    • Who: Ramakant Pradhan
      WhatCourtallam – The Spa of South India
      Tangy: Did you know about the famous spa of South India? No? Then you gotto read this post. Ramakant visited Courtallam, the spa whose owner is the nature God, and had a truly blissful experience. Those who like pampering themselves with regular spa visits, you can head over this place the next time you want to pamper yourself within the nature’s aura.

    • Who: Jaspreet Soni
      WhatCricket Vs Biwi
      Tangy: Cricket might not be a great reason to fight in other parts of the world, but it surely is in Indian households. Biwi doesn’t like cricket and husband can’t let go off both. This is a grueling situation. So what happened in Jaspreet’s case? Read on to find out. 🙂

    • Who: Archana Chari
      WhatOn why kids are not so cute.
      Tangy: Many of us go ‘awww’ when we see a cute kid. Many of us blabber kiddish stuff (saw the recent kid-cheek-pulling corn flakes ad?) when we are coochie-cooing a kid. Here’s a person who doesn’t believe in bloating up a kid’s ego, doesn’t want the kid to repeat ABCD 10 times for different people, and rather treats them as a young fellow. Do read why Archana says kids are not so cute.

    • Who: Amruta Marwah
      WhatA Fallen Petal…
      Tangy: Different people have different pace and ways to overcome a death or a tragedy. Amruta here describes how she struggled to overcome the death of her best friend, and what techniques she adopted to keep her immortal within her. Do share your views with her.

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  1. Yes “Satyamev jayate” truly touched every one who are against female foeticide.
    Hope this show will help to soon decrease it in India and other nations too.

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