It’s your move, Wordfreak!

You have heard about online love through chatting, you must have heard about best friends who are virtual for each other, you must have also heard about online dating. But have you heard about an online connection through a game of Scrabble? That is something we need to read about. And you can do so with Falguni Kothari‘s debut novel It’s your move, Wordfreak! A uniquely conceptualized book is at your Adda, that you can put your hands on. Head over to read the synopsis and apply to review it.

20 copies of It’s your move, Wordfreak! to be given away.

Overview of the Book

Wordfreak and Worddiva hit it off right from their first online Scrabble game. Playing game after game every night leads to fun and flirty chats and a cerebral attraction so potent that it sizzles the broadband connection between them. The Scrabble-crazy duo cultivate their perfect relationship—a virtual one. A bond where the past doesn’t matter and neither do their names. A bond forged by cheesy words and raucous laughs.

But this simple and uncomplicated equation is shaken when Alisha Menon, parental-divorce survivor and successful divorce lawyer meets Aryan “Save-the-Planet” Chawla on a blind date. As reality intrudes on their online idyll, the rules of the game change forever. Soon, the two realise that some words cannot be taken lightly.

Can the real Wordfreak and Worddiva spell love in capital letters or is the game of life a deal-breaker for them?

Know the Author

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Falguni Kothari currently lives in New York with her family and one utterly spoilt dog. When she is not playing Domestic Goddess, Soccer Mom or Canine Companion, she is found embroiled in scandals—usually on her laptop. This is her first novel.

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  1. This sounds interesting… I have applied. Hope the book is as cool as blogadda team highlighted here…it would make for a cool review! 🙂

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