BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 21, ’12

Spicy Saturday Vicky Donor! ‘Never a dull moment in ‘Vicky Donor’ says IANS. WOGMA says ‘Vicky Donor made me laugh, brought a tear to my eye, made me think, and it made me care about its characters – all in a setting we could accept as real-life.’ So what is your review of Vicky Donor? Let us know. Also do not forget reading these wonderful posts from the Indian Bloggers Community this weekend.

    • Who: Ashwini Dey
      What: Maurya – The Warrior Emperor
      Spicy:  Whatay Composition! All you needed to know about Chanakya and the Maurya Empire, is beautifully constructed in this post. Kudos to Ashwini for this! 😀

    • Who: Rachna Parmar
      What: My mother…
      Spicy: Rachna shares memories of her late mother with us in this post. She tells us about the attributes of this great lady and also how she left this world. Read on.

    • Who: Anita Menon
      What: Crime and Punishment
      Spicy: A very deep issue and question is risen in this post by Anita Menon. Do you raise a hand on your child? Do you feel it is correct to raise your hand at times to control the situation? Do pen down your opinion in comments section of Anita’s post. Go ahead.

    • Who: Blessed
      What: ……and I Cried, Yes I Cried!
      Spicy: It is definitely difficult to be a father of a daughter. The daughter whom you held in your hand when she was born, made her walk, grow up, imbibed good values, suddenly leaves you forever when she gets married. That is the most painful thing. Pankaj describes his feelings, when his daughter started her new life. He tells us how much he cried inconsolably and how hard it was. Do read.

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