BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr. 10, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks While the world ponders over the Facebook – Instagram deal and its right and wrongs, we conduct business as usual at your Adda. Amazing posts by amazing bloggers to make it an amazing week for you. Here are the Tangy Tuesday picks for you this week.

    • Who: Sandhya Menon
      What: Pick one.
      Tangy: The Reluctant Mum talks about having a favorite between her two kids. Are you also in the same position? Or did you have a sibling who was preferred more than you? Share your thoughts in comments of this post. 🙂

    • Who: Senthil
      What: The Scrawny Man
      Tangy: A nicely weaved fiction story is presented here by Senthil. Authors take inspiration from something which is around them. Here is one such author, who meets The Scrawny Man. Know what happens next?

    • Who: Charukesi
      What: India’s best tea cafes
      Tangy: Chai, Chai, Chaaii! If you are someone who wants to try something else other than the regular coffee cafes, then check out these tea cafes, in different cities, that are listed by Charukesi. Have a look!

    • Who: DG
      What: What has class got to do with Domestic Violence
      Tangy: Lesson from this post – think twice before you say or comment. Desi Girl responds to each and every statement that was written by a reader in the comment section of IHM’s post. Know in detail by reading this post. And yes, do comment your views. 🙂

    • Who: Tanishka
      What: And she did it…
      Tangy:  With women like Tanishka’s mother, others of her age can surely be motivated to move ahead with time. Tanishka taught her mother how to use the Internet, and she enthusiastically learned it successfully. 🙂 What did you teach your parents today? 🙂

    • Who: Raksha Bhat
      What: A Tale Of One City
      Tangy: The nitty-gritty facts of a city can be well told by someone who stays there and is an observer too. Raksha tells us something about Mangalore here in this post! 🙂 Do read.

    • Who: Shubhashish
      What: Why is it a contempt to disagree with the Supreme Court?
      TangyIs it that difficult to disagree with the Supreme Court or its judgement? This blogger here talks about Karnataka steelmakers’ case, which is time and again adjourned by Supreme Court. Tareekh pe tareek, tareekh pe tareekh! Read the blogger’s view in this post.

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