BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Mar. 31, ’12

Spicy Saturday Dear Prime minister of India. We want to bring to your notice an hidden talent which the world is yet to discover. They are called the Indian bloggers. Week after week, they come up with some amazing content which we want you to read before anyone does this week. There have been multiple reports that the Chinese government are trying to poach them. We request you to do the needful. 😛

    • Who: Meeta Sengupta
      What: The miasmic cloud
      SpicyGathering stories, dreams, wafts of conversation. People drift past, leaving their colour behind. Our favorite lines from this post written by Aanteladda. A poetical flow this post possesses. Do read. 🙂

    • Who: Hamsini
      What: Mamma
      Spicy: Whatay lovely post this is. A daughter expressing her feelings to her mother, who is miles away from her. The feeling of void grows more with time, than the feeling of love. A beautifully expressed post. Have a look.

    • Who: Nivedita Patil
      What: The Curious Case of the Vanishing Young Woman
      Spicy: Bolstering self-esteem is a very very dire need of the hour, says Nivedita Patil in this post. She talks about anorexic and bulimic women, who indulge in binge eating, crash dieting, and withering themselves to just bones and no skin. Many of these women are conscious about their bodies, their confidence, and come under the influence of the perfectly tones bodies of models and actresses. Here’s a post supported with facts. Head over.

    • Who: rohanabstractedly
      What: An ode to our politicians
      Spicy: What happens when our politicians enter the entertainment industry? They surely are a success. Because they entertain us with their gimmicks in politics, and so will they in Bollywood. After all, filmein sirf 3 cheezon se chalti hai, entertainment, entertainment aur entertainment! 😉

    • Who: Archana
      What: The Posing Lifecycle
      Spicy: Well, staring at the pictures that your friends upload on The Social Network, you can surely categorise them into labels, based on the poses they give. Don’t take the efforts to think of categories, because Archana has already done that in this post. 🙂

    • Who: Madhur Chadha
      What: 8 PM Rape in gurgaon –Letter from men
      Spicy: Women of Gurgaon, get inside your homes before 8 pm. You know why? Because men suddenly turn into wear wolves when the clock strikes 8, and the police a bunch of irresponsible people. It is strange to see that the government doesn’t form stringent laws against criminals, but asks the possible victims to sacrifice and adjust to the will of these criminals. Here is what Madhur has to say about this law.

    • Who: Cricaholic
      What: The Pillar of Indian Cricket.
      Spicy: After reading this post, we now know more about Virat Kohli and his attributes. This post reveals few things and characteristics of Virat, and few anecdotes from his brother himself. Do read this.

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