BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Mar. 24, ’12

Spicy SaturdayCarbon dating technology unambiguously establishes Shahid Afridi’s age to be 19 years says The Unrealtimes. Apparently, Shahid Afridi assaulted a fan at airport as he claims his daughter was pushed. Blame it on early marriage and Teenage problems. 🙂 Here are some real posts from the Indian bloggers that you can read this weekend.

    • Who: Maddie
      What: The Sorry State of Indian Sports
      Spicy: A recent movie depicted how Sportsmen who represent the country on an International platform, are ill-treated in their own country. Paan Singh Tomar reflected the frustration of the protagonist. Here is another post, which brings forth a similar situation and informs us how National level players were not even provided with proper food and living facilities. Have a look.

    • Who: Manish Bagri
      What: To Rahul Gandhi, with Love
      Spicy: We bet even Rahul Gandhi will laugh looking at this! 😀 Watch Rahul Gandhi in different avatars, right from being a Rockstar, to Singham, he has donned every funny look! Do read!

    • Who: Krtgrphr
      What: Dow Shalt Not Pass
      Spicy: The London Olympics have entered into an undertaking with the corporate giant Dow Chemical, which is also responsible for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Krtgrphr here talks about his discomfort, morality, dignity and much more in this post. Head over!

    • Who: Abhinav Mathur
      Spicy: Now here is someone who is always, unfortunately, headed towards apocalypse. Abhinav describes 6 instances of his travels, where he met with dreaded situations. To be a survivor of such situations also re-assures our faith and that many of us are lucky to be residing in places which are relatively safe than places where shoot-outs, curfews, mobs and riots are frequent.

    • Who: Gurpreet Singh
      What: Religion- Most Beautiful yet Most Misunderstood!
      Spicy: When we are happy, its heaven inside our hearts and when we are suffering, its hell inside us. Well said by Gurpreet. A post that it religion and philosophy heavy. Have a look.

    • Who: Purba Ray
      What: Butt Unnaturally!
      Spicy: Purba is right. Man is yet to come up with a satisfactory answer to the most challenging question and tight situation ever for any man. “Do I look fat” is the scary question that every woman asks a man. Purba here talks about posterior of a woman, which by and large, is usually voluminous in Indian women. Do have a read of this fun post. 🙂

    • Who: Reema Prasanna
      What: On Why I Fight With You
      Spicy: Should I ever lose you, I’d lose you to this guilt, And see it all crumble, Everything we built. Some beautiful lines of Reema’s poem. Surely a nicely penned poem.

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