Hurry! For the Love of Cricket

So what is so special about IPL this season? Some team will battle hard but fail, some will plunder the rest and one will take home the coveted prize. Guess what? It’s going to be much more than what you think is ‘special’; it’s going to be L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y and you just cannot afford to miss it.

Three epic teams of the Indian Premiere League are Roaring, Charging and Daring to leave a mark and you get to live it all!


If you have the talent to blog exceptionally, click amazing photos, and shoot captivating videos, then here is your Big Break.

Kings XI Punjab – Main Ha Sher: If the ‘sher’ inside you is growling for victory then support your team by showcasing your talent and win an opportunity to watch LIVE cricket action, attend after parties and hang out with the 11 lions of the team. Participate Now Deadline: 26th March, 2012

Deccan Chargers – The Unstoppabulls: You cannot stop the bulls, can you? Then why not charge with them? Do not just cheer but show your flair and grab a chance to interview the players, experience their net practices and catch all the strikes, free hits and Yorkers. Participate Now Deadline: 27th March, 2012

Delhi Daredevils – Devil’s Advocate: No more preaching and no more theory. Get into the thick of the action with your Daredevils while you blog, shoot or click for them. If you are a Devils’ Advocate at heart then claim your right to chill with Sehwag and have a pre and post match fun with the team in the dressing room. Participate Now Deadline: 26th March, 2012

So which of the above is your favorite team? And do you have it in you to represent them during IPL 2012? If you think so, then HURRY as the deadline is fast approaching.

It’s time to be on the front foot and bat for a Talent Power play. See you at the stadium! 🙂

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