BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 20, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks The Budget was presented this week. Did you go through it? What are the things that you think will affect your day to day life? Do you think the increase in Service taxes will make day to day living more costlier? Do share your views. Till then read the Tangy Tuesday Picks from the Top indian Bloggers. 🙂

    • Who: Subhashini Chandramani
      What: Spend time with them
      Tangy: Subhashini has written a lovely post, where she lists the things we should do for our elders, who have sacrificed so much for us. This post reminds us, that these people should be treasured and loved, and not taken for granted.

    • Who: Ravi Lobo
      What: Paradise
      Tangy: What a lovely post we have here. 🙂 There are many mommy-bloggers that write about their experiences of being a new-mom, but it is adorable to see a new-father writing about their little adventures with their kids, specially daughters. 🙂 You will smile throughout this post. Do read.

    • Who: Abhishek Mukherjee
      What: Kahaani: not a review
      Tangy: Truly, this is not a review, but reviving childhood days. Days spent in Kolkatta, around Monalisa, Triangular Park, Mocambo, Maharani, etc. Sujoy Ghosh knows Kolkata inside out. He doesn’t fake it. He really does know the city, says Abhishek Mukherjee.

    • Who: Cinnamin
      What: Motherhood Mondays: What Pregnant Women Would Really Like To Tell You.
      Tangy: LOL. There sure are a bundle of things POPed at you when you are preggers/preggy/preggo, can’t see your toe-nails and your ‘stomach bulges out’! 😛 Now here’s what goes in the mind of a preggers/preggy/preggo. Read on!

    • Who: Vandana Natu
      What: जो करनी पड़े, वो नौकरी है
      Tangy: क्या बढ़िया दर्शाया है एक दफ्तर और उसके एक कर्मचारी की हालत को! सबसे बढ़िया है इस कविता का शीर्षक, जो करनी पड़े, वो नौकरी है! देखिये कैसे एक कर्मचारी, महीने के आखिर में मिलने वाले एक चेक के लिए, आपने दफ्तर में पिस्ता है।

    • Who: Manoj Nair
      What: A death in the family
      Tangy: Life surprises us with things when they are least expected. This is what we learnt from this post, where Manoj re-tells the story of his uncle’s death. Do have a look.

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  1. This is such a booster. I just joined Blogadda and my first entry gets shortlisted by your team for Tangy Tuesdays Pick. What can be a better start than this? Thank you so much and I hope the readers enjoy the poem 🙂

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