BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks โ€“ Feb. 7, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks ’54 lakh fake ration cards and counting’ says Mahesh Vijapurkar. This is a big number and suddenly the importance to implement UID increases. it is unique and robust enough to eliminate the large number of duplicate and fake identities in government and private databases. How many of you have applied for Aadhaar yet? If not, do it now but after reading our Tangy Tuesday Picks for this week.

    • Who : Hansal Mehta
      What : How to Succeed without Success: Surviving in โ€˜Bro-World’
      Tangy : What happens when you are utterly bored in office and out of work? You generate a post – meaningful or not, is upto you to decide. Hansal ‘Bro’ writes a survival guide for all men. Sorry ladies, there is nothing for you here. But you can surely go ahead and let him know if you agree with him. ๐Ÿ™‚ A really nice read!

    • Who : Adreammygal
      What : Attempt
      Tangy:: Ms. Capricious pours her heart out in this non-fiction poem, depicting her failed suicide attempt. A warning message she gives here: No comfort, no words of solace please.

    • Who : Sejal Parikh
      What : Why vegan? โ€“ a personal account
      Tangy : Some of you who didn’t know the facts, mentioned in this post, are surely to get surprised. It is a very important learning not only for non-vegetarians but also for people who claim to be ‘pure vegetarians’. You will get educated about how milk is produced due to cruelty to cows and other female species of animals. Thank you Sejal for bringing this forward through your blog.

    • Who : Piya Jayarajan
      What : As I waited for my steak…….
      Tangy : Who knew steak could elicit such a great imagination! Piya Jayarajan while waiting for her ordered steak, imagines a situation, that makes us laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do have a read.

    • Who : Purba Ray
      What : No Country for Young Girls
      Tangy : Purba, like many others is furious and ashamed, to be a part of a country, where girls are treated worse than animals. What is even more grave, is that of not letting them in the world. Solutions have been suggested, anger has been expressed by the thinking society, speeches have been delivered, but will it eventually stop? A question that remains since time immemorial. Do read this post.

    • Who : phdgirlsmusings
      What : Curious case of arranged marriages
      Tangy : Phdgirlsmusings tells us how a 25 year old unmarried girl is trapped in the big gamble of arranged marriages! She has discovered the NRI Iyer breed and some of its peculiar characteristics, that she mentions in this post.

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