Love, Life And All That Jazz

“His characters are young, vibrant, energetic and flirtatious” – Chennai Chronicle. “Sharply observed, witty and wise” – The New Indian Express. We are introducing ‘Love, Life & All That Jazz‘, written by Ahmed Faiyaz. This Valentine’s you can read this lovely book. 🙂 A tale of four friends, and their decisions on love, family and career. Read below for the excerpt:

We are giving 10 copies of this book. Here’s the excerpt:

This bestselling debut is a coming of age story about lives of four young twenty somethings – Sameer, Tania, Vikram and Tanveer, best friends from college in Bombay, and it starts by exploring their lives and their choices after they pass out of college. It’s about where they go from here, the changes they see in themselves and in other people in their lives and the direction their lives take. The decisions they make on love, family and career affects their relationships and shapes their personality over the years. It’s a slice of life, roller coaster ride through the life you’ve probably lived and can relate to.

Know the Author: Ahmed Faiyaz grew up in Bangalore and now lives in Dubai. He’s a strategist by profession, with a number of years in management consulting behind him. He’s a book and film addict, and a passionate writer. His first book, Love, Life & All That Jazz…, published in April 2010, remains a popular bestseller across major cities. Grey Oak has recently released Another Chance, his second bestselling full-length novel, and is slated to release Down the Road, an anthology of 28 short stories edited by him. He is a founding member of Grey Oak Publishers and Grey Oak Foundation. More on

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