Southern Flavours

Chandra Padmanabhan is at your Adda with the best South Indian Cuisine. We can feel the steam of the fresh idlis, aroma of Yeruli, and the delicious Majjige Hulli and many more dishes, as we flip the pages of Southern Flavours. In this volume the author has collected the best of South Indian vegetarian cuisine. Pull out your aprons, and be ready with your aromatic spices, to fill your kitchen with tasty South Indian dishes!

10 copies of this book to be given away. Here’s the excerpt:

Here at last, is the answer to the pleas of popular cookbook writer Chandra Padmanabhan’s myriad fans – a collection of their favorite recipes from her previous three bestselling cookbooks, exploring the gamut of South Indian meals served in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. What makes this volume more special is that as many as fifty fresh recipes have been added to tempt the adventurous cook who is looking for the new and unusual.

Know the Author: Chandra Padmanabhan, a graduate from Calcutta University, did her post-graduation education at Delhi University. She has long been associated with the pub- lishing industry.

But it is cooking that has been the author s forte for nearly four decades. She is the author of the three best- selling titles, Dakshin (Harper Collins), Southern Spice (Penguin) and Simply South (Westland). She last won the international GOURMAND award for the second- best vegetarian cookbook in 2009.

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  1. Hey Blogadda Team

    The books appears very interesting, I am keen to review it. Being an extreme fan of southern culture , I am very interested to see what Chanrda has to offer !!! 🙂

    Looking forward !!

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