BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jan. 21, ’12

Spicy Saturday There are 345 days remaining in this year. 🙂 How are you going to make every day worth it? At the end of the year, when you look back, you should be proud of every single day that you have lived this year. 🙂 It is possible. Get some inspiration by reading these awesome blog posts on varied issues by the top Indian bloggers from the largest community of Indian bloggers.

    • Who : Aanteladda
      What : Indian children…
      Spicy : Aanteladda has brought up an important issue of concern. She informed us with an incident of child cruelty, that was undertaken by the Child Protection Service in Norway. A mere difference of culture led Norwegian CPS to separate two Indian children from their mother. They claimed that the child co-slept with the mother, and was fed by hands, a practice which is very common in India. But the Norwegian CPS seem to have ignored the different cultural practices, and go by the Norwegian laws. Do read more in this post and leave your comments.

    • Who : Nilanjana Roy
      What : Speaking Volumes: Listening To Rushdie
      Spicy : In 2012, I don’t know what he would want to speak about, but I do know that, like so many other readers, I want to hear what he has to say – Nilanjana Roy. This is what she says in this article, where she writes about Salman Rushdie, and other Indian authors, who touch the subject of religion or in opposition of it. A very nice perspective we get to read here. Must read!

    • Who Malini Rajesh
      What : The Root Bridges of Meghalaya
      Spicy : Have you ever heard of organic bridges? Malini shows us bridges, created from the roots of trees, which she witnessed in Meghalaya. These bridges are creepy, yet fascinating. Do have a look!

    • Who : Humour unplugged
      What : Oprah Winfrey’s Bollywood Rendezvous
      Spicy : And you thought Oprah is having a ball of a time in India? You need to read this post on how Scratching Bhatt, evil Prem Chopra, Kareena of Acting Deficit Syndrome and reality show winners are treating her. 😛 Recommended!

    • Who : Bijoy Momaya
      What : The Mumbai Local – A Life within the Life.
      Spicy : Bijoy talks about the famous Mumbai’s life line – Mumbai Local Trains, in this post. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t do without it. The importance of the Local can only be understood by someone, who has stayed for a brief time in Mumbai and has collected memories of traveling in the local. Very nice read. Go ahead.

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