Love, Adventure & Miracle: Share your Stories

Love – Adventure – Miracle. For most of you, these three words occupy prominent places in your life. As we start our journey of life, we start yearning for these three things at some point in life. At some point in our life, we would have normally experienced the power of these three words and as we progress, we continue adding to the tally. Why are we talking about this?

Because we are here with a brand new contest in association with, an online gadget store, called ‘Love, Adventure & Miracle’. Everyone of you would have experienced the power of these three words in your life. Share with us the stories/best moments for each of these three words alongwith your favorite gadget (camera, mobile phones, tablet, music player or any other accessory from zapstore) as a part of your story. It could be your camera which would have been sitting silently in one corner of your room and watching you in those times. It could also be your mobile which was/is your companion in your miracle moments. If Edwin Land would have been alive today he would have said ‘An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to blog.’

So what are we waiting for? Let us start writing! Let us start the new year with your stories of  Love – Adventure – Miracle. Open the taps of creativity and let your emotions flow. 🙂 The entries can be humorous, witty or even emotional. You can include photos as a part of the story or even a picture of your gadget. As always all would be winners but three special stories would win exciting prizes courtesy ZAPstore. Do check out and know what ‘Zapping’ is all about. :):

  • Samsung Wave S5253
  • Fuji AX300 Camera
  • Sony Walkman NWZ-W262

Excited? Quickly post three stories on your blog about the topics above and comment below with link of your post. Copy the below given code and paste it in your post.

The contest has now ended and the winners are now announced. The contest was judged by Shail Raghuvanshi

57 Replies to “Love, Adventure & Miracle: Share your Stories”

  1. Wow, I have recently realized how important it is to connect to your own life before you connect to anyone else in this world. This contest would be one of such realization when everyone would know my life’s story just a little part of it!! Whether I win or not but I know I have done my part!! yay!!

    Thanks Blogadda.

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